Most stocks took a pounding last month. The first half of June was no picnic, either.

Thankfully, some companies have held up better than the rest. In fact, there were dozens of stocks that hit fresh highs yesterday. There are five that I've been watching that have gone on to hit new 52-week highs in intraday trading today.

Let's check them out.


Intraday High

52-week Low

Green Mountain Coffee (Nasdaq: GMCR)



Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX)



Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE: CMG)



Buffalo Wild Wings (Nasdaq: BWLD)



Crocs (Nasdaq: CROX)



Source: Yahoo! Finance.

Green Mountain and Starbucks appear to be joined at the bean. Both stocks have been on a tear since Starbucks announced it would be making its brews available on Green Mountain's Keurig platform.

Chipotle has been the darling of quick-service eateries in recent years. Its store-level sales remained positive, even during the darkest recessionary stretches. The chain is in the process of passing through its first price hike in three years in some markets. Judging by the long yet fast-moving lines at my local Chipotle, I think the burrito roller has the pricing elasticity to get this done.

Buffalo Wild Wings isn't as dynamic as Chipotle, but the family-friendly sports bar chain has been able to make the most of casual dining restaurants sputtering elsewhere. There's plenty of room for expansion, and who doesn't like beer specials and savory chicken wings?

Crocs may be a surprising name to folks who figured that the ugly yet cozy resin shoes were a fad. International growth and broadening its product line to include attractive yet cozy shoes have paid off. Earnings more than tripled on a 36% top-line surge in its latest quarter.   

It's not a coincidence that all five of these companies are consumer-facing darlings. These are the stocks that I find myself diligently tracking. I have even recommended two of them -- Green Mountain and Chipotle -- to Motley Fool Rule Breakers newsletter subscribers at substantially lower price points than where they are today.

The economy can't be doing all that badly if these consumer stocks are performing this well. Don't let the market's springtime swoon this year scare you into missing out on the joys of summer.

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