There's never a dull week on Wall Street. Let's go over some of the news that will shape the week to come.

The new trading week kicks off with PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) posting its quarterly results. The provider of coatings and specialty products has a healthy streak of annual dividend increases, though the boosts have historically come in April.

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has scheduled a media event on Tuesday. The leading social-networking website operator is expected to show off some of its new features. Some have speculated that Facebook will introduce a video advertising product or perhaps the social search engine that it's been dropping hints about lately.

A few financial services giants will be reporting on Wednesday. Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) will be one of them, offering the market a good snapshot of the investment banking space.

Bank of America
(NYSE:BAC) is another banking giant that follows on Thursday. Analysts see Goldman Sachs posting healthy bottom-line growth on Wednesday, but it will be a different story for Bank of America. The company continues to pay out a token $0.01 a share quarterly dividend until its fundamentals are fortified to the point where it can beef up its yield.

The final trading day of the week is usually quiet, but investors may still want to check out General Electric (NYSE:GE). The conglomerate that at one time was the country's most valuable company in terms of market capitalization has seen its stock more than triple since bottoming out four years ago.

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