eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) anticipates that its take from the transactions conducted through its website will lead to a top-line boost of at least 50% over 2012's figure in 2015. The company believes it will take in a minimum of $21.5 billion in revenues in the latter year, more than $7 billion more than the $14.1 billion it reaped in 2012.

This is because of advances in technology, which have broadened access to eBay's services. The firm quoted its CEO John Donahoe as saying that such advances are "creating a new web-enabled retail interface, a new seamless, multiscreen commerce experience that connects consumers anytime, anywhere."

According to eBay's estimate, the firm should enable roughly $300 billion of global commerce in 2015, a notable increase from the $175 billion of 2012.

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