Social network Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) new Home suite of software apps and features is now available for download in Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Play. Only a select number of newer devices made by Samsung and HTC are currently supported.

HTC also launched its First smartphone today, which is the first device to include Facebook Home pre-installed and exclusive to AT&T. The HTC First is a midrange phone priced at $100 on contract. Facebook Home may be turned off on the First, leaving users with a stock Android operating system.

Facebook Home is an important mobile strategy for the social network to increase user engagement, and was officially unveiled last week. Home is a layer of services that get integrated into Android devices. Part of Home is a Cover feed that replaces a smartphone's home and lock screens and shows what friends are doing. There are also ways to chat and message friends more easily, as well as a notification system.



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