Today, VMware (NYSE:VMW) launched a new virtual operating system solution that allows customers to use their personal smartphones for work use, without compromising security or business policies. 

The new system, called VMware Horizon Mobile, is available now for Verizon Enterprise customers on the LG Intuition and Motorola's RAZR M. The company said in a press release that more devices will be added throughout the year, but hasn't said which ones will be included.

Bill Versen, director of mobile solutions for Verizon Enterprise Solutions. "With the VMware® Horizon Mobile dual persona solution, Verizon enterprise customers can deliver corporate data and applications to their employees' mobile devices without impacting their personal settings and experience while ensuring that corporate information is under IT's control with a complete audit trail."

VMware Horizon Mobile service starts at $125 per user and can be purchased through VMware and Verizon Wireless.