Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) just introduced a far more powerful cable modem, boasting gigabit download speeds and digital video decoding right in the box. With this tool in your wiring closet, you can match the bandwidth of Verizon FiOS customers, thus joining the next generation of high-speed networking without abandoning your trusty coaxial cable fee. It's so powerful, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) wanted to brag on providing the Atom-style chips that power this new beast.

Oh, and Comcast diverted some of that extra processing and networking horsepower to provide a secondary Wi-Fi network for other Comcast customers in or near your home. That move is a tantalizing blend of convenient network access for your guests and potential liability for the host.

In the video below, Fool contributor Anders Bylund discusses what the new Comcast Xfinity gateway might mean for the future of high-speed consumer-grade networking. Let's just say that Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is licking its chops as Comcast gives its users more ways to find Big G's online ads.

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