Fresh off of Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad mini release, prospective buyers have a choice on their hands: the iPad mini or the iPad Air.

The choice is harder this year: The features, specifications, and display are similar and the price point has narrowed. Matter of fact, a mere $100 separates the starting prices of Apple's iPads.

Eric Bleeker argues the buying decision comes down to how the end user is going to utilize the product. The iPad mini is designed for portability and an on-the-go lifestyle. The iPad Air, the larger one, is more suited for using a keyboard and as a productivity tool.

Evan Niu notes that although Apple did increase the price of the iPad mini, they also closed the feature gap. In short, the main decision in this generation of iPads is the screen size -- a clear change from last year.

Jamal Carnette concurs that size is the real deciding factor, although the camera on the iPad Air has better specs. However, as Eric points out, this may not be an important feature.

In this episode of Tech Teardown, Jamal Carnette talks iPads with Eric Bleeker, CFA and Evan Niu, CFA.