Apple's Yosemite will launch this fall. Source: Apple

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) debuted its latest OS X earlier this month, bringing the clean and simple iOS 7 design to the Yosemite operating system. But aside from the aesthetic changes and some major highlights Apple mentioned at its WWDC, there's plenty for Apple users to get excited about in the latest release.

For Apple investors, there's no bottom-line benefit from Yosemite since the company made all future OS updates free, starting last year. But the new system will push iOS and OS X that much closer, leading both Mac and iOS users further into Apple's ecosystem. As the company gears up for possible new product releases this fall -- like the new iPhone and possibly an iWatch -- the collaboration between the desktop and mobile may be more important than ever before. 

See the slideshow below for further details on Yosemite's features.