Motley Fool Rule Your Retirement is a personal finance-focused newsletter designed to help subscribers retire better. That's not to say that it's only retirement-focused – it isn't – but rather that lead advisor Robert Brokamp, CFP and his team seek to help readers set themselves up to retire better by using time-tested money principles throughout their lives. Rule Your Retirement is packed full of information to help subscribers find ways to save money, balance investing and debt reduction, and understand the full picture of home ownership.

Robert Brokamp smiling off to the side.

Rule Your Retirement Advisor Robert Brokamp. Image source: The Motley Fool.

Rule Your Retirement's key benefits

The first and most important benefit that you get with a Rule Your Retirement subscription is the extensive knowledge of Robert Brokamp and his team. They've filled RYR with tons of information on just about every personal finance topic imaginable. Most importantly, they've created a great deal of content designed to help members understand how to plan their retirement. If you've ever wondered how much to save for retirement or which accounts can help you maximize tax savings, RYR has content that can help you understand the nuances of these and many other complex questions.

Brokamp and team regularly update the newsletter with new information and numbers as the government changes programs key to your personal finances – think Social Security, Medicare, and taxes. It's a one-stop shop designed to keep members abreast of personal finance news and its implications. Social Security, by the way, is a particularly complex issue – if you've spent any time reading about retirement, you know that when and how you claim your benefits has big implications for how much money you receive in retirement. That's why Brokamp and his team have spent a lot of extra time developing resources to help you think through the different components of those choices so you can decide the right one for your particular circumstances. They've also invested in a number of quality tools (including calculators!) to help you put pen to paper and really figure out the dollars and cents of financial freedom and how to achieve it.

Many of RYR's members regularly gather on the message boards to chat about personal finance, the stock market, and anything else which comes to mind. It is this vibrant community of investors, retirees, and people planning for retirement which really makes the RYR experience special. We firmly believe that some of the best mentors are those who have already surmounted whatever financial hurdle you're looking to clear – whether it's buying a house, paying down debt, or retiring. And that's the beauty of the messenger boards – they're packed with people who've done just that and can talk you through their process, their pitfalls, and their mindset.

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