Oh, what a difference a few months makes. Back in December, when I teamed with David Gardner to recommend palmOne (NASDAQ:PLMO) for Stocks 2005, the company was earning raves for its Treo and still dominating the maturing but still relevant market for personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Fast-forward to now. Apparently desperate to regain its standing, yesterday palmOne introduced LifeDrive, a new PDA that can do just about everything but cook a meal. It certainly looks sexy. It's also pretty functional. But palmOne is billing the new handheld as an alternative to Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPod, and even as a laptop replacement. Really? Look, I like palmOne, but let's be serious. There's little chance that the LifeDrive will displace the iPod or my PowerBook. But I can't blame the company for trying.

Market researcher Gartner (NYSE:IT) says that the PDA market during the first quarter grew 25% over the same period a year ago, but palmOne was no longer the market leader. Rival Research In Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM) shipped more units, grabbing the top spot with more than 20% of the market while palmOne dropped to 18%, a level it hasn't seen since the mid-'90s. The LifeDrive is its first attempt to regain the title of king of the PDA hill.

So, is palmOne's stock still a buy? In a word: Yes. Global demand for smartphones is expanding at a phenomenal pace, and the Treo 650 remains at the top of the heap in terms of functionality and usability. Sure, Nokia's (NYSE:NOK) varying models give it anywhere from 40% to 50% of the global market. But palmOne doesn't need to dominate the market to earn outsized returns for investors. It just needs to show up -- and play a little better than it has in recent months.

Let's chalk up the LifeDrive to what it is: a cool gadget that needn't distract investors. It's the Treo -- and really, only the Treo -- that's worth watching.

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