British Sky Broadcasting -- more commonly known as BSkyB -- and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) teamed up yesterday in a deal that will find the United Kingdom's digital pay-television giant offering an online video-sharing platform based on Google's popular YouTube platform. BSkyB will also allow be throwing a bone to Google's nascent Google Apps for Your Domain feature by branding Google's Gmail service for folks interested in signing up for email accounts.

The deal makes perfect sense until one realizes that News Corp. (NYSE:NWS) owns a 39% stake in BSkyB. Even though there have been stories circulating this week about News Corp. unloading some of its satellite-television assets in exchange for Liberty's (NASDAQ:LCAPA) $11 billion stake in Murdoch's media empire, let's assume that BSkyB is still a key part of the News Corp. portfolio.

Why is that odd? Well, News Corp. also owns MySpace. Over the past year, MySpace has cashed in on its popularity as a social-networking site to roll out its own video-sharing features. It's now second to YouTube on that front and makes it peculiar that BSkyB would choose to strengthen a News Corp. rival.

Then again, perhaps it's another example of just how powerful Google has become these days. Over the summer, MySpace turned to Google to populate its busy site with paid-search ads. It was easy for Google to emerge as the top bidder, because it just happens to run the most lucrative online advertising business. The same argument can be made here. BSkyB may stand to make more money by going with the Gmail wrapper for its email service and YouTube for the backbone of its own viral video offering.

It's not personal. It's not even business. It's just logical.

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