In the last year and a half, 600 students have chosen to major in "sustainability" at Arizona State University, where the focus is on solar energy, according to an article in USA TODAY. Companies such as First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR), SunPower (NASDAQ:SPWRA) (NASDAQ:SPWRB), and Energy Conversion Devices (NASDAQ:ENER) could harvest some talented, trained employees when these students graduate.

USA TODAY quotes Rob Melnick, executive dean of the Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University, as saying, "There's a great perception that there's a sweet spot with energy to do good and do well, and it appears to be the place of job growth."

The paper taps other sources who indicate that the Obama administration's estimates of energy and environment-related job growth are likely helped create a scenario where "budget-strapped schools are adding energy and sustainability programs even while cutting other majors."

Are these kids guaranteeing themselves a job? Should they be discouraged by the biofuel companies that have failed? Or enthused by ones that are succeeding, like Green Plains Renewable Energy (NASDAQ:GPRE)?

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