Readers of this space know that I've been waiting quite a while to see some more robust growth in passenger traffic at Mexican airport operator Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste, known by the acronym ASUR (NYSE:ASR).

The latest traffic figures boast some crazy-looking (near 60%) gains, owing to the fact that this year's traffic is being compared to last year's storm-battered totals.

So, to get a better gauge of just where ASUR's traffic has been heading, I've been comparing the 2006 figures to the 2004 figures. And that's where we see a good boost for the December numbers.

Total traffic reached 1.306 million, a 58.5% increase over December 2005, and a nice 13.5% boost over December 2004's 1.150 million passengers. Traffic growth was especially strong at Cancun, which grew 15.3% from December 2004 to 2006.

That, of course, is vitally important, because the tourist traffic at Cancun is worth more to ASUR. Tourists, especially international tourists, tend to drop a lot more cash when they're on vacation, boosting ASUR's commercial-revenue stream -- the one that's not under the thumb of the government. (International traffic at Cancun more than doubled for the December period from 2005.)

As I've often stated, I love these airport businesses because they have great leverage and can send a large portion of increased revenues straight to the bottom line. So while the markets continue to be manic about all things airline, alternately punishing and rewarding shares of Continental (NYSE:CAL), Southwest (NYSE:LUV), JetBlue (NASDAQ:JBLU), UAL (NASDAQ:UAUA), and even floating dreck like Northwest (NWACQ.PK) and Delta (DALRQ.PK), I'll take the airports, thanks.

I don't need to worry about fuel costs. I don't need to pray for a buyout. And I'm buying into a real live stream of cash flows -- much of which is paid out in dividends.

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