Motley Fool Pro is a Motley Fool subscription service that incorporates hedge fund strategies with the goal of smoothing out volatility and providing consistent returns. Unlike other Motley Fool services, the Pro team – led by Advisor Jeff Fischer -- doesn't aim to beat the market. Rather, their "North Star" is to generate 7% annual returns after inflation. That means Pro – which is a real-money portfolio, with every trade backed by cash from The Motley Fool – uses options strategies to hedge downside and generate income.

Benjamin Graham once famously noted that "Price is what you pay; value is what you get." Let's start with the 'value' part of that equation regarding Motley Fool Pro, and then we'll turn to price.

Pro Advisor Jeff Fischer

Pro Advisor Jeff Fischer. Image source: The Motley Fool.

Here's what Motley Fool Pro gets you

Motley Fool Pro comes loaded with lots of benefits for members, including:

  • Regular trade alerts from the Pro team – including stocks, options, and ETFs. These trade alerts come with detailed, step-by-step guides for executing each trade. These are valuable – particularly for newer investors – so members don't accidentally forget part of an options strategy.
  • Detailed write-ups on the investing thesis for every trade. The step-by-step stuff helps you figure out how to execute the trade...the investing thesis helps you understand the reasoning. You'll have the pros and cons, the opportunities and threats, and anything else the team thinks you'll need to make a well-educated, reasoned decision about whether the Pro trade makes sense for your personal situation.
  • The Pro real-money portfolio. As mentioned earlier, The Motley Fool puts cash behind every Pro That's how confident we are in Jeff Fischer's investing abilities. But the real-money portfolio is about more than putting our cash on the line – it's also about showing you how every trade has panned out so far. Our goal is for you to have a holistic understanding of everything the Pro team does.
  • An incredible investing community. Pro subscribers take to the message boards every day to discuss Jeff's recommendations, talk stocks and options in general, or to discuss personal finance. (Really, whatever's on their minds.) The educational opportunity for people who really engage and seek to learn is incredible – so make sure you take full advantage.
  • Free access to Motley Fool Options (a $1,499-per-year value). Jeff Fischer runs Options with co-advisor Jim Gillies. We figured you might want access to some additional options ideas.

We're having a Pro sale...

But before we get to that, let's establish some basic guidelines. Regardless of how valuable the service is, our general rule of thumb is that investors shouldn't pay more than around 1% of their portfolio's value annually for investing guidance. That rule has some flexibility if the educational value of the investing guidance works for you beyond merely helping you position your portfolio for the short-term – if you are passionate about learning investing, then the guidance might have some additional value for you.

All that said, we think Pro offers a compelling value proposition for the price. And, like all of our services, Pro comes with a 30-day membership-fee-back-guarantee. If for any reason you aren't happy with Pro, just give us a call in the first 30 days, and we'll happily refund every penny.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it out today.