Retirement in America is a tough and complex process that requires lots of planning. The number of choices most Americans have to make – when to take Social Security, which Medicare plans to enroll in, how much to save, when to retire, annuities vs bonds, and the list goes on – can be incredibly overwhelming.

Which is why The Motley Fool created a service – Rule Your Retirement ­– designed precisely to help people as they grapple with these and other tough personal finance-related questions. Led by advisor Robert Brokamp, CFP, the Rule Your Retirement team works to provide subscribers with information, tips, strategies, and tools to help tackle the major decisions leading up to retirement – and everything that comes afterward.

RYR Advisor Robert Brokamp

Rule Your Retirement Advisor Robert Brokamp. Image Source: The Motley Fool.

All of Rule Your Retirement's benefits – at a discount

We have a special sale running on Rule Your Retirement, and we'll get there in a bit. But first, let's talk about everything that comes included with a Rule Your Retirement subscription.

First off, the Rule Your Retirement team has designed the service modularly so subscribers can "choose their own adventure" and find the information that's most relevant to their particular circumstances. Sending a kid to college? There's a section for that. Not sure if you're saving enough? There's one for that too. Looking for information on the pros and cons of different retirement accounts? Check. From insurance to estate planning to asset allocation – and everything in-between – the Rule Your Retirement team has you covered.

The team also provides timely updates as regulations and rules around retirement changes. Whether it's Social Security cost-of-living adjustments, new studies on retirement happiness, or updates to the tax code, the Rule Your Retirement team is always ready to update subscribers with the newest and most up-to-date information. You can access this information directly on the Rule Your Retirement site – or just wait for the weekly update email, often including a column with Robert Brokamp dispensing wisdom on the news, retirement mindset, or anything else of importance.

Rule Your Retirement also comes with a number of calculators designed to help people as they think through what their retirement budgets and income streams might look like. These tools are invaluable when you're trying to figure out exactly what you'll need for retirement.

Finally, don't forget the vibrant community of Rule Your Retirement subscribers, many of whom are active on the service's message boards. This group functions like a big, networked family – with people asking questions, dispensing advice, and chatting about ways to make retirement more affordable, healthier, and just generally better.

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