Before deciding whether to subscribe to any service, you should read reviews of that service. We think Motley Fool Supernova is awesome – and so do members of Supernova – so we thought we'd share some reviews for you to better understand the benefits and how to best use the product.

Honesty is a core value here at The Motley Fool, so before reading further we want to point out that you shouldn't just read reviews posted by the company which sells the product. (That's us.) You should do some additional due diligence, using what we've shared from our members below as one of several helpful resources. We want to make sure that, if you decide to subscribe to Motley Fool Supernova, you're doing it for all the right reasons and with full knowledge of the product.

So let's jump in.

David Gardner smiling to the upper right-hand corner of the picture, looking over his shoulder. He is sitting in front of a piece of jester-cap art with a computer screen in the distant background.

David Gardner, Supernova lead advisor. Image Source: The Motley Fool.

Members love Supernova's asset allocation

Many Supernova members start as Stock Advisor or Rule Breakers members, where they gain exposure to Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner's investing philosophy before making the jump to Supernova. Supernova is designed to take the best of David Gardner's ideas and put actual cash behind them.

Members appreciate our willingness to eat our own cooking, with William K noting that "I have Rule Breakers and Stock Adviser as well so I would say I value them all but Supernova gives me the added value of actual money on the line investment decisions. Putting money to mouth so to speak."

But there's more to it than just the consistency of us putting our money where our mouths are – members also love the fact that a real-money portfolio forces the Supernova team to make asset allocation decisions. A dollar invested in one company can't be invested in another. For members who have to make those decisions in the real world, that's enormously helpful.

In fact, according to Jason N., "the most valuable part of the service is the way that it helps you develop your start thinking about adding to your winners in a more meaningful way, being more concentrated on your best ideas, and really focusing in on the areas of both Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers that contribute most to value creation over time."

Supernova provides members with confidence to invest

Americans are incredibly stressed about their finances. So it's great to hear that Supernova provides many members with a better feeling of confidence and security. Sandra P notes that "Supernova gave me specific recommendations and told me when to buy and sell. All the guess work is gone. I just read the information and follow along....With Supernova, I feel very confident in their recommendations."

That feeling of confidence isn't misplaced either – Jim K writes that "Thanks to Supernova I have increased my stock holdings and wealth significantly. I have even able to assist both of my daughters to graduate from college and establish long term retirement accounts, managed by me with Supernova stocks, companies which grow for many years to come."

The key to that success? Long-term business-ownership mindset. The Supernova team invests in companies – the living, breathing organizations behind the tickers – with the aim of holding stocks for several years. We know that's key to building a winning stock portfolio over the long term. And members have found that mindset helpful in navigating the day-to-day stock market. As Tim K writes, "Supernova has broadened and deepened my overall investment expertise and confidence. I am better able to see through the noise of daily market turmoil to the signal of what is really going on. With the wide array of experts and written opinions and analysis available 24/7 I can quickly gain the information and insight I need to keep my equilibrium."

Learn more about Motley Fool Supernova

Happy members are a great recommendation for any service. But there are all sorts of other details you'll want to learn more about before deciding to buy – how we have Supernova real-money portfolios designed for both current workers and retirees, the benefits of our enormous and engaged community, and so much more.

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