Before considering purchasing a product, you should do research on it -- including learning how others use it and how they like it.

That's why we've compiled various Motley Fool Options reviews so you can learn from members and make whatever decision is right for your personal circumstances.

Motley Fool Options advisors Jeff Fischer and Jim Gillies are passionate about using options effectively as part of a broad, long-term, buy-and-hold portfolio strategy, and we hope these reviews help you understand the benefits to a Motley Fool Options subscription.

Motley Fool Options advisors Jim Gillies and Jeff Fischer.

Motley Fool Options advisors Jim Gillies (left) and Jeff Fischer (right). Image source: The Motley Fool.

What Motley Fool Options has done for members

Maybe you're interested in Motley Fool Options, like Mark T was, because you've been investing for a while and are looking to layer options on top of other strategies. He joined Motley Fool Options "because I had been investing successfully for several years, and I felt like it was time to make the next step. And when this tool became available, Options, I wanted to learn about it, because from what I had learned, I was able to enhance my returns and pick and choose how I sold stocks or acquired stocks more efficiently or for the price I wanted to pay."

And here's how Mark uses Options: "The most valuable part of options for me has been the ability to layer on top of my stock ownership strategy an additional options strategy that gives me the flexibility to buy and sell stocks at better prices, but it also helps me generate income in addition to stock growth. Especially in those years where we have a down market, options provides me that level of income."

Jim D joined Motley Fool options to boost the returns in his retirement portfolio in 2007 – and here's what he had to say about his experience when interviewed in 2013: "Okay, well, I have about 25% of my portfolio I allocate to options trades. Most of them come from Motley Fool Options.... And that 25% of my portfolio has probably returned an average — at least 1% a month since I joined Motley Fool Options."

How you use the service would likely differ from Mark and Jim – but it's designed to be helpful to investors in a number of different contexts.

The Motley Fool Options philosophy

A big part of that is the work the Options team puts in to create good educational content to help investors better understand options. That commitment to good education stems from the Options team's belief in long-term investing -- in both stocks and in knowledge growth. And it shows through in the quality of the learning material they provide – Jim notes that "the educational material is terrific."

The Motley Fool Options team also views options as a great complement to a long-term buy-and-hold portfolio, not as short-term gambling. Having learned from the Options team, member Melvin S notes that "people think of options as a very aggressive, speculative strategy when it reality it can be very, very conservative-particularly selling puts, which I've done very, very successfully on many positions that I want to average into....[I]t's an excellent strategy."

That success can in part be chalked up to Options co-advisors Jeff Fischer and Jim Gillies, and Jim D. had this to say about them: "Two very experienced advisors. They are very open with their ideas....They also are very thorough about the proposals they put forward as recommendations for options."

The big benefit our Options reviews haven't covered...

Ok, you've read the reviews. Maybe you've seen some things you're interested in, and maybe you have some more questions. That's perfectly normal. Here's how you can learn more about the service.

One of the big benefits we haven't touched on yet is the vibrant Options investor community -- made up of thousands of members passionate about teaching (and learning from) each other about options.That's a powerful benefit that's almost impossible to quantify. In addition to an analyst team that walks members through options step by step, many members spend their spare time mentoring each other through options trades so they can build the kind of long-term wealth they've always dreamed of.

There's all of this and more in our Options service. Click here to learn more about it and the special offers we have right now.