In a move to fortify its electronic games business, Mattel (NYSE:MAT) is buying RadicaGames (NASDAQ:RADA). The cash deal values the company behind the perplexingly cool 20Q device at $11.55 a share. Radica's had a rocky financial history, though it did score a healthy profit last year.

Never messed with a 20Q? It's pretty darn impressive. Think of anything, and the handheld gizmo will figure it out in 20 questions or less. My son and his friends have rarely been able to stump 20Q; it's been able to nail even their more outlandish object and animal suggestions. I've had a soft spot for Radica since I made it one of my "10 Stocks Under $10" picks back in 2004.

Radica won't go down as one of Mattel's biggest acquisitions. The toy giant has taken heartier bites in the past, when it chowed down on Fisher-Price, Tyco Toys, and its disastrous acquisition of The Learning Company. However, Radica does give Mattel a bigger presence in the electronic gaming field, which provides fertile ground for smaller players such as JAKKS Pacific (NASDAQ:JAKK), and educational gadgetry specialist LeapFrog (NYSE:LF).

Mattel and Hasbro (NASDAQ:HAS) remain top dogs in the playthings space, though their acquisitive pasts and licensing-happy ways prove that their growth spurts haven't all been organic.

Earlier this month, both Mattel and Hasbro posted better-than-expected second-quarter results. It sets a welcome tone as the toymakers head into the important holiday shopping season. Radica should help Mattel, especially since Mattel's extensive distribution connections will broaden the reach of Radica's battery-operated games. So if you want to turn the tables on Radica's 20Q, go ahead and ask it "Who's your daddy?" In a few weeks, it had better know that "Mattel" is the only correct response.

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