The market is closed on Monday in observance of Memorial Day. Observe a tribute. Go to the beach and celebrate the freedom. Or do what everyone else is doing, and pack into a multiplex to catch the new Indiana Jones flick. Just stay away from Wall Street, because the ticks won't be ticking.

How was Indy? The opening bell rings for real on Tuesday. Borders (NYSE: BGP) is set to report, but don't expect much from the ailing bookseller. Analysts see the superstore chain posting a loss of $0.47 a share for its latest quarter. The bigger questions will surround the company's possible combination with Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS). Now that would be quite the page-turner.

We might as well build a catwalk runaway in the middle of the trading pits, as several specialty retailers sashay in with their quarterly reports. American Eagle Outfitters (NYSE: AEO) and Chico's FAS (NYSE: CHS) are just two of the many chains that will strut their stuff on Wednesday.

If you want to see the fashion show again, I hope you have a TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO). As fate would have it, TiVo is also posting its fiscal first-quarter results. The company has been making headway with licensing deals and courtroom victories. Let's see whether it can top that off with a strong quarter.

The story on Thursday is Dell (Nasdaq: DELL). The computer maker reports its fiscal first-quarter results. Wall Street is looking for a profit of $0.33 a share, in line with the $0.34 a share it earned a year earlier. Michael Dell has a lot riding on this report, since his turnaround attempt has been rocky. Dell once easily lapped market expectations, but it has missed analyst profit targets in each of the two previous quarters. Three strikes, he's out? Probably not, but Dell needs to start impressing Mr. Market again.

We can then wrap up the trading week with a signature jewelry box from Tiffany (NYSE: TIF). The high-end retailer upped the ante of expectations last week when it hiked its dividend and raised its guidance. Let's open the box and see something shiny.

Until next week, I remain,
Rick Munarriz