The Millionacres Mission

Millionacres exists to make you smarter, happier, and richer through real estate investing.

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Real estate investing is one of the most reliable and accessible ways to grow your wealth, but too many individuals are paralyzed by its perceived complexity. Millionacres demystifies real estate investing with classically Foolish advice.

We educate and empower investors to make great decisions and achieve success -- from those just starting out to seasoned pros with decades of experience.

It's important to us that we provide a comprehensive resource that helps investors of all kinds become more successful with real estate. There's no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why you'll find content on REITs, rental properties, fix-and-flips, financing, commercial crowdfunding, and more on Millionacres.com.

To that end, we stand by these five points:

  1. All of the content on Millionacres.com is made available for free.
  2. Our writers and editors are experts in real estate investing and writing. They have decades of experience in forms of real estate from residential and commercial investing to REITs and other real estate stocks. Our editorial opinions are ours alone and aren’t inspired, endorsed, or sponsored by any advertiser.
  3. We're committed to clear, jargon-free explanations of key concepts. Real estate is complicated enough without needlessly complex terminology.
  4. We'll often rate and review different tools or products we believe are important to real estate investors. See our rating methodology for Crowdfunding portals here.
  5. We provide individual recommendations on commercial real estate crowdfunded opportunities, REITs, and equities through our premium service, Mogul. Learn more about joining Mogul here.

If you have any questions, please email us at help@millionacres.com

Millionacres is a proud subsidiary of The Motley Fool, a company dedicated to making the world smarter, happier, and richer. We share the Motley Fool's philosophy of treating every dollar as an investment in the world you want to create, being patient when building wealth, believe in the power of community, and are transparent and unbiased in our content and premium solutions.

Austin Smith

Austin Smith

Managing Director, Millionacres

Austin is the managing director of Millionacres. He joined The Motley Fool in 2011 and has worn many hats since, ranging from analyst to managing editor of Fool.com, director of new member marketing, and partner of new ventures.He’s a graduate of Northeastern University (B.S.), and a lifelong enthusiast for real estate. An active investor since 2002 he’s owned properties in Massachusetts, Colorado, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Virginia.Austin is excited to return to his real estate roots and empower others to profit from what he believes to be an unfairly advantaged asset class. When he isn’t working on Millionacres, Austin is swinging hammers with his wife and two children on their home in Lakewood, Colorado, or heading into the mountains for a quick outdoor adventure.


Matt Argersinger

Matthew Argersinger

Lead Advisor, Mogul

Matt is the lead advisor of Mogul. He joined The Motley Fool in 2008 as part of the company’s Analyst Development Program. He’s worked on numerous Fool investing services, including Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, Million Dollar Portfolio, and Supernova. He helped establish Motley Fool Germany and also appears regularly on Motley Fool podcasts, including Market Foolery and Motley Fool Money.In addition to stocks, Matt and his wife, Jean, own and manage a few income properties in Washington, D.C. and have interests in several commercial real estate developments. He’s excited to use that experience and his Fool investing knowledge to help Mogul and Millionacres members find today’s best real estate opportunities.Matthew earned a degree in economics from Brandeis University. He lives in Washington, D.C., with Jean and their beloved King Charles Spaniel, Daisy. Other than hunting for investing ideas, Matt enjoys traveling, skiing, mountain climbing, and board games that take at least four hours to complete.

Greg Martz

Greg Martz

Director of Operations, Millionacres

Greg is Director of Operations for Millionacres. His start at The Motley Fool goes all the way back to 1999 and he’s had the pleasure of working in many different roles -- from marketing to management, from operations to partnerships -- and with many great people.He earned a degree in (of all things) Earth Science from Penn State University and lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two teenaged children.


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