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Mogul: A Real Estate Investment Recommendation Newsletter

Real estate is one of the best performing investment categories of all time. Mogul, the first service from Millionacres, is carefully designed to help members take advantage of this critical asset class. Mogul provides regular commentary on the state of the industry, tools and guides to help inform investment decisions, tax research to amplify returns, and specific recommendations that include real-estate equities, REITs, and individual commercial real estate deals.

Our research and advice is honest, transparent, and impartial. It is our duty to provide the best guidance possible. You can rest assured our service will always consider this responsibility our North Star.

We all believe deeply in the power of real estate investing. We also know it can be intimidating to consider every factor when making an investment in this space.

If you have any questions about how to use Mogul, or want to better understand the material we make available you can reach us any time at: or 888-920-9480.

Real Estate Winners: A REIT and Real Estate Equities Newsletter

Real Estate Winners is the most affordable service Millionacres offers. The incredible wealth-generating power of real estate is why we created Real Estate Winners. We think every investor should make real estate a core part of their portfolio. We believe this asset class simply has too many advantages for you to NOT be invested today.

Real Estate Winners analysts have identified a select group of real estate investments and REITs that are at the heart of some of the biggest demographic and technological trends shaping our society today. Members receive:

  • At least one new recommendation each month.
  • Updates on our recommendations following earnings announcements or other important events.
  • Educational content and resources to make you a smarter real estate investor.
  • Quarterly Top 10 Investment Alerts - Delivered Instantly!

Join Real Estate Winners Here

Because Millionacres is not a registered investment advisor we will not be able to comment on your specific situation or the suitability of individual investments for you. Instead, we are happy to explain any of the material and tools we have available inside Mogul that you may use to inform your own decisions.

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