A reader asked, "I keep seeing tips for how to save a dollar here and a dollar there. I know every dollar counts, but just how much of a difference will all these little dollars saved really make?" And we reply: They do add up. If you save just $50 per month (only about $1.75 per day), that will amount to $600 per year and $6,000 in 10 years -- nothing to sneeze at.

Invest that same $50 each month, and you'll do even better. If it grows at the historical stock market average of about 11% per year, it'll amount to nearly $80,000 in 25 years. All that from a brown-bag lunch here and some coupons clipped there.

So, take some time to read through our money-saving tips and other tips you find here and there. Jot down the ones that would work best for you, and then take action. You certainly don't have to act on all of them -- no one is suggesting that to invest successfully you need to drain every ounce of pleasure from your life. Just make a few small changes and save a little more.

For your consideration, a boatload of tips:

You'll find many more handy tips where most of these came from -- on our Living Below Your Means discussion board. The board's directory of tips is especially handy (free trial required). Once you've saved some money, put it to work for you -- learn more in our Savings Center (which features some good interest-rate deals).

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