Knowing your particular traveling style can make your adventures to exotic locations run more smoothly. Each style brings advantages and disadvantages; do you know yours?

If you are a Vacationer with limited travel time, you will probably be staying in more expensive hotels and eating most of your meals out in tourist-priced restaurants. Organized tours with a paid guide will appeal to you instead of venturing out on your own by taking local transport and being armed with a personal travel book and your own maps.

If you are a Visitor, you might have a little longer time frame in which to enjoy a place and perhaps you have found that you like to do more things independently. You probably speak some survival phrases in the native tongue and will choose to dine in local eateries.

As a Veteran Traveler, you will have no time limit on your travels other than the country's visa restrictions. It is likely that you have a working knowledge of the local language and an individual traveling style based on internal motivation. A Veteran will be more inclined to hire a private driver and shop in the local markets for supplies, and is not afraid of eating native specialties sold by street vendors.

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No matter which description suits you, the following tips can save you money while on the road.

Choose lower cost destinations like Eastern Europe, Latin America, or Asia. You will get more bang for your buck in every category such as housing, transportation, food, and entertainment.

Travel during low season to take advantage of the bargains that hungry vendors and hotels offer at these times.

Go to the local markets and grab some food to make your own meals. Use the kitchen in your rented apartment or in your hostel. Make peanut butter sandwiches to bring with you, have some fruit and pastry for breakfast, or carry trail mix to snack on during the day. This way, you won't need to go out for each meal.

Use public transport to get to your destinations or, if you are traveling with others, hire a private driver and share the cost.

Avoid buying souvenirs unless they are lightweight and small. The more you purchase, the heavier your bags are. You could find that you must pay a fee for checked luggage or need an extra bag altogether.

If you employ these time-tested tips, you will find your savings will be considerable, allowing you to experience more on your trip.

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