The days are counting down -- and eventually the hours are counting down -- and you DON'T KNOW WHAT TO GET UNCLE GEORGE! Or your brother Mike. Or your crazy cousin Rita.

Consider the possibility that one of the best things you could give George, Mike, or Rita is a clear step toward financial independence, something they can truly thank you for. Whether your giftee is in debt or not, trying to live below his means or moving toward not having to work anymore, The Motley Fool's annual TMF Money Advisor membership can provide your loved one with independent advice across every financial transaction or decision in the New Year. Consider that most people take their financial advice from the salesman of a product, and now recognize how much better and potentially much more valuable TMF Money Advisor can be.

And for late gifts -- what better than a quick click of the mouse button and instant notification of your gift, particularly if the days or hours are counting down and you're behind? If you have any question about our TMF Money Advisor service or our gifting service, e-mail our customer service reps directly at We can be your 11th-hour all-star as time runs out.

We look forward to being of help to you and yours. Happy holidays, and a Foolish New Year!!!

All of us at Fool HQ