If it's the thought that counts when it comes to giving gifts, why have you waited this long to think of a Father's Day present? I know, I know. The lady in front of you at Carvel walked out with the last Fudgie the Whale "To a Whale of a Dad" ice cream cake. You couldn't find a design at the tie rack from the department store down the street that you hadn't given Pops already.

We hear you.

We're talking back.

Book it
It seems as if Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a popular gift given this time of year. It might be bittersweet in retrospect, though you can't beat a financial read with the word "Dad" in its title not once, but twice. But wouldn't it be cool if The Motley Fool had a timely read as well? Wait, there is. What to Do With Your Money Now is David and Tom Gardner's first book in three years and it's a refreshing assessment of the mania that came and went -- along with a hiking guide to help you walk through the ruins.

Our own FoolMart bookstore is well stocked with appropriate earlier writings from your fellow Fools. From investment clubs to direct stock purchasing plans, we've covered a whole lot of ground in our print offerings. But we didn't write every financial book out there worth reading. Even if your father isn't a fan of the stock market, it's hard to resist the wisdom of Warren Buffett's essays or Peter Lynch's simple tire-kicking ways. And, if dear old Dad just isn't much into reading, I have one final word on this: audio book.

Teach your children well
Hopefully, your father taught you plenty. Isn't it time you returned the favor? The Fool's collection of self-paced online seminars and crash courses will have Dad doing everything from tackling debt management to cracking financial statements to optimizing his tax strategy.

If you waited until Saturday night to read this, the fact that the full seminars and abridged courses are instantly accessible will leave you sitting pretty come Sunday morning. There are other Fool options if want immediate delivery. TMF Money Advisor is the full enchilada. Personalized financial advice. Online planning tools. More content than you can shake a stick at. All rolled up in a flour tortilla with a side of pico de gallo.

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor and Motley Fool Select will greet you every month with fresh stock ideas and updates on sectors worth watching. Either way, knowledge looks much sharper than that tie you gave him last year.

All this machinery
Okay, okay, we all know that what Dad really wants is an Xbox. Last month, when PlayStation2 and Xbox shaved $100 off their retail price, the rush was on to acquire the latest generation of video game console systems. I hear what you're saying, "Do you have any idea how old my father is?!" But these devices are more than just toys.

The fact that they can double as a CD player and are a remote control add-on away from DVD-playing abilities make the consoles home entertainment systems, too. Besides, don't you think the grandchildren will want to go visit Grandpa more often?

Or what about a handheld? With major players like Palm and Handspring struggling through mountains of inventory, the markdowns have never been better. From the popular and colorful Palm m515 to the global-positioning mastery of the Garmin eTrex, electronic gadgetry that's smaller than a breadbox provides yet another gift option.

Shoestring catch for a shoestring budget
What's this? You've got holes in your pockets? Rather than break out the tired "the dog ate my handiwork" spiel, you can still show your Dad you care. Maybe you're too old to make hand turkeys out of construction paper -- or you're all thumbs -- but if you can click on to our Special Offers page, you will find some free options. Two free weeks of Investor's Business Daily? Four free weeks of The Wall Street Journal?

If all else fails, a personal visit or phone call will work. Show him you care by telling him you love him. Or show him you love him by telling him you care. Either way, it's less fattening than what Fudgie the Whale had to offer.

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Rick Aristotle Munarriz answers to daddy, and he's just as stumped as you are in trying to pick out the best present for his father. Rick's stock holdings can be viewed online, as can the Fool's disclosure policy.