6 Honeymoon Destinations You Can Visit Using Travel Points

by Lyle Daly | Sept. 2, 2019

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Travel points and the right destination could make your honeymoon much more affordable.

While wedding planning can be exciting, many couples find that they enjoy planning the honeymoon even more. After all, the honeymoon is another amazing experience you get to have with your partner, only it doesn’t include all the stress that can accompany your wedding day.

The one part of a honeymoon that can be stressful is figuring out how you’ll pay for it. With the average cost being over $5,000, you could find yourself wondering how you’re going to manage that after paying for your wedding.

That’s where travel points can come in handy. With a good travel rewards strategy, you and your significant other could have the majority of your honeymoon costs paid for in points instead of cash. And if you want to know which honeymoon destinations you can visit using travel rewards, here are six of the best choices.

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1. Aruba

This Caribbean island is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, making it perfect for couples who want to spend their honeymoon soaking up the sun.

Aruba is home to dozens of resorts, making it easy to find one you can reserve with your travel points. Since several major U.S. airlines offer flights to the island, you can book airfare using miles from several airline credit cards.

2. Bordeaux, France

If you’re considering a honeymoon in France, your first thought may be visiting Paris. That’s one option, but let’s be honest -- everybody goes to Paris. It’s always crowded, with a good portion of that crowd being tourists, and everything’s expensive. 

That’s why Bordeaux can be a much better choice for a French honeymoon. You still get spectacular architecture, plenty of elegant restaurants and cafes, and the opportunity to taste as much wine as you’d like. You won’t have to deal with the huge crowds, and since this city gets fewer tourists, the people can be more welcoming.

Although there are no direct flights from the United States to Bordeaux, you can take a short flight there from many cities in Western Europe. Another option is flying in to Paris, and then taking the TGV train.

3. Hawaii

If you’re looking for an active, adventurous honeymoon, Hawaii is tough to beat. You can surf, go snorkeling, explore rainforests, and see amazing waterfalls, just to name a few options.

There are quite a few flights that go from the mainland to Hawaii, but you’ll need to book well in advance, because award availability goes fast. The same is true when it comes to booking a hotel or resort.

4. Santorini, Greece

The Greek island of Santorini provides picturesque views, so it’s ideal for honeymoon photos you can frame and display all over the home. Many of the hotels have their own pools and hot tubs, and of course you can always take a dip in the sea as well.

Hiking is a popular activity in this destination, as you’ll get to take in the beautiful weather and the amazing views that it offers. And if you’ve ever wanted to take a leisurely ride on a donkey, you and your spouse can do that here.

Santorini can take a bit of traveling to reach, as there aren’t any direct flights from the United States. You can, however, use your travel points to fly directly to Athens, and then catch a cheap one-hour flight from there.

5. Phuket, Thailand

Southeast Asia is a popular region with tourists on a budget, as the lower cost of living can help save on travel costs. If you’re thinking of visiting this area for your honeymoon, Phuket is an excellent place to stay.

The city has its share of beaches, but you can do more than just lay out in the sun during your time here. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore all kinds of caves and check out some truly one-of-a-kind attractions, such as Koh Pangyee, a fishing villa that’s built on stilts.

Phuket can be a long flight, but it has plenty of resort options. The low cost also means that you won’t need to use as many travel points to stay here.

6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Whether you and your new spouse want to take tango lessons together or just indulge in some of the tastiest steak and wine in the world, Buenos Aires could be what you’re looking for. With its European-style architecture, this city is made for walking around and taking in your surroundings.

Several major U.S. and Latin American airlines have routes to Buenos Aires, but you will need to make a connection if you’re departing from the United States. The good news is that there’s often award ticket availability, which could make it easier to book your trip.

Picking out the perfect honeymoon destination

All the destinations above could be the backdrop to an amazing honeymoon, and to make it even better, they’re all places you can go using travel points. It’s all a matter of earning the frequent flyer miles for your airfare and the points to stay at a nice hotel or resort. With the right credit cards, you could be just a few sign-up bonuses away from having the points you need.

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