Chase Points Are Worth Up to 50% More for Apple Purchases through November

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  • Chase is running a limited-time Apple promotion through Nov. 30.
  • Chase points are worth 10%, 25%, or 50% more depending on your Chase credit card.
  • You can redeem your points this way in the Apple Ultimate Rewards store.

Your Chase points could pay for a new iPad, MacBook, or any other Apple product you want.

Chase cardholders have a special deal available this holiday season. In a limited-time promotion running now through Nov. 30, Chase points are worth more when you use them to buy Apple products through Chase Ultimate Rewards. You get 10%, 25%, or 50% more depending on which Chase card you have.

Chase's rewards program has the same products you can get on the Apple website, and at the same prices. That means you could snag the new iPhone 14, AirTags, or any device you've had your eye on, and pay for it in points. If you have Chase points and you want to use them for Apple products, here's what you need to know about this promotion.

More value through Chase's Apple promotion

All the Chase Ultimate Rewards cards give you the option of redeeming points for Apple products. However, the standard rate is $0.01 per point, which is the same as what you'd get by redeeming your points as cash back.

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For the holiday season, Chase brought back a promotion it has run before where you get a higher value when redeeming points for Apple products. You'll find the bonus amounts for all eligible Chase credit cards below.

Points are worth 10% more ($0.011 per point) with these Chase cards:

  • Chase Freedom
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited®
  • Chase Freedom Flex℠
  • Chase Freedom® Student credit card
  • Ink Business Cash® Credit Card
  • Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card

Points are worth 25% more ($0.0125 per point) with these Chase cards:

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card
  • Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card
  • Ink Plus® Business Card

Points are worth 50% more ($0.015 per point) with these Chase cards:

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve®
  • J.P. Morgan Reserve®

Let's say that you have 100,000 Chase points. If they're on the Chase Freedom Unlimited®, you could use them to buy $1,100 worth of Apple products. On the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, they'd be worth $1,250. And on the Chase Sapphire Reserve®, they'd be worth $1,500 and have you in MacBook Pro territory.

It's important to point out that Chase lets you move points from one card to another. If you have multiple credit cards with Chase, make sure to put your points on the card that offers the highest redemption value. For example, if you have the Chase Freedom Unlimited® and the Chase Sapphire Reserve®, move all your points to the Chase Sapphire Reserve® so you can get 50% more for them.

How to use Chase points for Apple products

To buy Apple products with your Chase points, go to the Chase Ultimate Rewards website and log in to your account. Click "Earn / Use," and in the drop-down menu, click "Apple."

This takes you to the Apple Ultimate Rewards store. From here, you can choose an Apple product, customize it with the specifications you want, and go through the checkout process. It's almost the same as placing an order on Apple's online store, except you're redeeming Chase points for the purchase.

During checkout, you have the option of paying for the entire purchase in points or using split pay. With split pay, you can put up to 80% of the purchase price on a credit or debit card.

Is this a good way to redeem your Chase points?

Chase's Apple promotion is worth checking out if you're in the market for anything from Apple. Overall, it gets you a good value for your points.

However, if you have a Chase travel card, then you'll need to more carefully consider your options. With the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, Chase Sapphire Reserve®, and Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card, you can also transfer your points to the card issuer's travel partners. These partners include more than a dozen airlines and hotels.

It's possible to get $0.02 per point, $0.03 per point, or more by transferring your points and making an award booking through a partner's loyalty program. So, there are more lucrative redemption options than this Apple Promotion, at least with Chase travel cards.

This doesn't mean it's a bad idea to redeem your points for an Apple product. You're still getting a reasonable deal, and using them this way can be much simpler than transferring them. You may want to save your points if you have big travel plans on the horizon. But if not, those points could make buying your next Apple product a whole lot cheaper.

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