Southwest Airlines Eliminates Flight Credit Expiration Dates for All Ticket Types

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  • There's nothing worse than realizing you let a flight credit go to waste because you didn't use it before it expired.
  • Southwest Airlines announced a new policy change that will eliminate flight credit expiration dates.

Southwest Airlines flight credits will no longer expire.

When you're issued a flight credit, it can be stressful planning out how to use it before the credit expires. If you're a frequent Southwest Airlines flier, you will love this big change that the brand announced today. Southwest is eliminating flight credit expiration dates for all ticket types. This policy change applies to current non-expired credits and credits issued today onward.

Southwest Airlines is known for being flexible and generous and is committed to providing excellent customer service.

Here are a few ways the brand sets itself apart from other U.S. airlines:

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  • There are no change fees when changing flights.
  • There are no cancellation fees as long as the customer cancels at least 10 minutes before their scheduled departure.
  • Every flier can bring two checked bags for free, regardless of ticket type.

For these reasons, many travelers are loyal to Southwest. But the airline's most recent policy change should be welcome news to air travelers.

Flight credits no longer expire

On July 28, 2022, the airline announced that Southwest flight credits will no longer expire.

This applies to all ticket types, existing non-expired flight credits, and any flight credits issued today onward.

Customers will see a placeholder expiration date of Dec. 31, 2040, on all valid flight credits. Later this year, updated technology will remove expiration dates altogether.

Previously, credits were only valid for a year from the original ticket issue date, meaning customers could lose their credits if they didn't book a ticket and travel before the credit expired.

This news is a benefit to travelers

This change gives travelers more flexibility. It will also help customers get more value out of the tickets that they buy.

When you spend money on a plane ticket or any other travel expense, you want to feel confident that you'll get your money's worth.

Southwest's removal of expiration dates on flight credits will ensure that travelers get the full value out of their tickets without worrying about their money potentially going to waste due to an expired flight credit. No one wants to see their hard-earned money go down the drain.

Will other U.S. airlines follow Southwest's lead and eliminate flight credit expiration dates? Only time will tell.

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