Bitcoin Will Replace U.S. Dollar Says Ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

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Dorsey posts his public passion for Bitcoin at the expense of the U.S. dollar

Key points

  • During a Monday evening Twitter exchange with Grammy award-winning performer Cardi B, Dorsey affirmed his belief that Bitcoin will become the supreme global currency.
  • This latest bold Bitcoin prediction follows Dorsey's resignation from Twitter last month to focus on Bitcoin as CEO of Block and past claims that Bitcoin can be a catalyst for world peace.

One of the most influential names in technology and cryptocurrencies has gone all in on Bitcoin.

Tech heavyweight predicts dollar will fall to Bitcoin

Former Twitter CEO and current chief at fintech firm Block (formerly Square), Jack Dorsey, had a tweet exchange Monday evening with rap star and Grammy winner Cardi B. The performer tweeted to her 20.5 million followers the following question, "Do you think crypto will replace the dollar?" To which Dorsey replied, "Yes, Bitcoin will."

What's interesting is that he didn't say crypto in general or a vague blockchain-based technology would replace the dollar. Jack flatout backed Bitcoin as the heavyweight currency champion of the world.

U.S. politicians are worried about digital threats to dollar dominance

During recent congressional hearings in both the House of Representatives and Senate, politicians on both sides of the political aisle expressed concerns that stablecoins and Bitcoin could undermine the dollar as the global reserve currency.

None of the testifying witnesses at either hearing, which included academicians and crypto executives from trading exchanges and stablecoin providers, directly stated that any form of cryptocurrency would replace the dollar.

Dorsey flipped that script on its head with a single tweet.

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Dorsey is a hardcore Bitcoin believer

Although, that's not all that surprising. He has reiterated to Block investors that Bitcoin will play a major role in the company's future ambitions. Before Dorsey resigned from Twitter, he stated in October that Block was investigating how to construct a Bitcoin-mining system based on open source code and custom silicon.

Those plans would bolster Block's existing Bitcoin projects that include a decentralized exchange (DEX), for which the tbDEX white paper was recently issued, a Bitcoin-focused open developer platform, as well as a hardware wallet for the cryptocurrency. It's worth noting that Block has enabled Bitcoin payments through its Cash App service since 2018

Last June, Dorsey claimed that Bitcoin can bring about world peace. Perhaps, but it's much more likely that his rhetoric might incite politicians to battle if he continues waving the Bitcoin banner to quicken the demise of the dollar's dominance.

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