Our society is obsessed with winning. Whether it's an Oscar, Tony, or Grammy, the World Series, the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, or Olympic Gold, competition encourages generations of Americans to pedal to the medal of success. For many, winning is the only thing. As legendary football coach Bear Bryant said, "Tying is like kissing your sister."

As investors who would rather kiss a frog of an undiscovered stock in hopes of it transforming into a prince of a winner, we compete by trying to beat the Dow, the S&P, the Nasdaq 100, or maybe even Uncle Jake (who can't stop letting us know about his great portfolio returns). Everyone wants to boast being the number one analyst, mutual fund, or investor on the block. Unfortunately, by going for investing gold, investors can become fixated on their results, often losing sight of many mini-successes attained by simply participating in the investing process.