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Rich Smith

Rich Smith


I like things that go "boom." Sonic or otherwise, that means I tend to gravitate towards defense and aerospace stocks. But to tell the truth, over the course of a dozen years writing for The Motley Fool, I have covered -- and continue to cover -- everything from retailers to consumer goods stocks, and from tech to banks to insurers as well. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for the most important developments in defense & aerospace news, and other great stories besides.

Recent articles

3 lightning strikes around a cruise ship.

Why 3 Major Cruise Stocks Dropped Today

Today's (not) shocking news: Just like Carnival and Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings will lose money in Q3.

3D printer.

Why 3D Systems Stock Crashed 14% Today

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here?

Electric car with headlights glowing and plugged into a charging station.

Why Electric Car Stocks Are Buzzing Today

These EV stocks are rising on news of potential government support -- but could some other EV stocks do even better?

Dice labeled buy and sell rolling on a stock chart.

Why Tilray, Canopy, and Aurora Cannabis Just Jumped

Is today's jump in share price a signal to buy -- or sell?

3D illustration of Space Launch System launching from its pad

Will Boeing and Northrop Win $82 Billion From NASA?

In an effort to save money, NASA plans to hand tens of billions of dollars to a new joint venture dubbed "Deep Space Transport LLC."

Satellite beaming down a signal to Earth

Can Europe's New Space Star Beat SpaceX's Starlink?

Eutelsat is buying OneWeb -- and getting no discernible, immediate growth bump for its trouble.

Arrow angles up on a green stock chart.

Why Clearwater Paper Stock Skyrocketed 22% Today

Despite a surge in inflation, Clearwater managed to grow its sales nearly twice as fast as its input costs grew.

3D printer.

Why Stratasys Stock Dropped Today

After 10 years of losses, is there still any reason to own its shares?

Car Rental sign pointing up

Why Avis Budget Stock Crashed Today

At 4.5 times current-year earnings, Avis Budget stock looks like a bargain.

Burning red marijuana joint.

Why Tilray, Canopy, and Aurora Cannabis Just Popped

Does a small turnaround in marijuana sales justify a big jump in marijuana stock prices?

Earth surrounded by an image representing an Internet satellite network.

Shocker: Northrop Grumman Beats SpaceX in Space

SpaceX had a shot at becoming a satellite builder for the Pentagon -- but then Northrop showed up.

RTN Tomahawk Image Source Raytheon (2018_05_10 12_39_51 UTC)

Can Raytheon Hit $6 Billion in Free Cash Flow This Year?

After a very slow start in the first half, the defense contractor needs to hustle to meet its goal in the second.

Stock up glowing green arrow climbs on a stock screen.

Why Roku Stock Just Popped

This gain might not mean it's a buying opportunity.

3 lightning strikes around a cruise ship.

Why Royal Caribbean Stock Crashed 10% Today

The news is sinking Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, too.

Horizontal Electron rocket IS Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab Is Red-Hot -- So Why Is Its Stock Ice-Cold?

Rocket Lab produced a lot of PR this past month -- but profits remain years away.

ISS over earth with moon in background

3 Companies That Could Replace Russia on the International Space Station

If Russia departs ISS "after 2024" -- as it's threatening to do -- NASA will need to act quickly to find a replacement.

Silhouette of a nuclear power plant against the moon in the background.

4 Stocks That Could Put Nuclear Power on the Moon

The opening bid for this project starts at $5 million, and could go to the moon from there.

Red arrow seems to shake as it goes down over a red map of the world in the background.

Why Avantor Stock Crashed 10% Today

The chemicals company missed analysts' expectations for earnings last night.

Stock market arrow rising above a stack of oil barrels.

Why ExxonMobil Stock Hit the Gas Today

Investors applaud Exxon's most profitable quarter ever.

3 cruise liner ships lined up abreast in port.

Why Royal Caribbean Stock Rocketed Today

Royal Caribbean is also pulling up Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings.

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