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Rich Smith

Rich Smith


I like things that go "boom." Sonic or otherwise, that means I tend to gravitate towards defense and aerospace stocks. But to tell the truth, over the course of a dozen years writing for The Motley Fool, I have covered -- and continue to cover -- everything from retailers to consumer goods stocks, and from tech to banks to insurers as well. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for the most important developments in defense & aerospace news, and other great stories besides.

Recent articles

Glowing semiconductor chip

Why MagnaChip Semiconductor Stock Just Popped 25%

MagnaChip will sell businesses contributing 40% of its revenues -- for a price 85% of its market cap.

Blank billboard

Why Clear Channel Outdoor Stock Just Popped 24%

The company has a big pile of cash coming to it. Will it be enough?

Sorry we are closed sign hung on restaurant door

Mall Owner Simon Property Group Furloughs 30% of Workers

1,350 jobs could be at risk.

Faded blue sign attached to storefront window reads Sorry we're closed

Urban Outfitters Says It Won't Pay Rent During COVID-19 Pandemic

Will other retailers follow suit?

Sorry we are closed sign hung on restaurant door

Kohl's Calls a Halt to Stock Buybacks, Could Cut Dividend

The company is borrowing $1 billion to pay a 16% dividend. Does that make sense?

Drone Delivery Amazon

Ex-Boeing Exec to Lead Amazon Drone Delivery Biz

David Carbon will spearhead the effort to turn drone delivery from concept into reality.

Cartoon depiction of canned goods on two shelves

Why Campbell Soup, Hershey, and Coca-Cola Stocks Popped 5% Today

These three look shelf-stable for a long quarantine, but what happens after it ends?

Green like button and red dislike button

Why Facebook Stock Just Popped 6%

Business is bad and will remain bad for another quarter -- then it will bounce back.

Stock up glowing green arrow climbs on a stock screen

Why Intel Stock Popped 7% This Morning

An analyst predicts the recession could be just six months long.

Black arrow and white arrow merge together and proceed as a single arrow

Raytheon, United Technologies Merger Gets Green Light to Proceed

Look for new stock ticker symbol "RTX" Friday morning.

Map with Venezuela under a magnifying glass

Russia's Rosneft Sells All Its Venezuelan Oil Assets ... to Russia

The deal appears to be calculated to move Rosneft off a U.S. economic blacklist.

Glowing red stock chart arrow trending down

Why Boeing Stock Just Dropped 9%

Investors appear to be taking profits.

Man delivering groceries in a paper bag

Shopping From Home Gets Harder as Instacart Workers Strike

Instacart had 200,000 workers and is adding 300,000 more. That may not add up to 500,000, though.

The SpaceX X IS SpaceX

Is SpaceX Really Worth 10x Boeing and Lockheed Martin's Space Business?

Yes. In fact, when you do the math, SpaceX could be worth even more.

Sorry we are closed sign hung on restaurant door

L Brands Extends Its Store Closures, Suspends Dividend

Employees of its Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret and PINK chains will be furloughed next month, but will keep their health benefits.

Big red arrow over a stock chart

Why Chart Industries Stock Fell 6% Today

An analyst cut its price target, which was both bad news and good.

Collage of an airplane, coronaviruses, and a world map

American Airlines Sees Situation Getting Worse, Not Better

Flight cancellations in May will be steeper than in April.

Petition to File Bankruptcy under a gavel

OneWeb Could File for Bankruptcy As Early As Today

OneWeb has only managed to orbit about 12% of the satellites it initially planned on.

Green up arrow button and red down arrow button

Why Cracker Barrel and Shake Shack Shares Are Down Today, but Zoom Video Stock Is Up

The surgeon general warns that COVID-19 infections could last through Labor Day.

4 arrows all pointing down

Why Solar Stocks Are Down 10% or More Today

The Senate gave solar stocks no love.