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Anders Bylund

Anders Bylund


Anders Bylund is a Foolish Technology and Entertainment Specialist. Where the two markets intersect, you'll find his wheelhouse. He has been an official Fool since 2006 but a jester all his life.

Hypoallergenic. Contains six flavors not found in nature. Believes in coyotes and time as an abstract.

We Fools may not all hold the same opinions, but we all believe that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors.

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Why NXP Semiconductors Stock Jumped Today

The microchip maker lowered its first-quarter financial targets, but many investors had been bracing for an even deeper coronavirus impact.

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Square, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Moves $1 Billion in Stock Into a Coronavirus-Fighting Charitable Fund

The foundation will start with COVID-19 relief efforts, then move on to supporting a variety of social issues around the globe.

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Better Buy: AMC vs. Roku

Catch a falling knife or buy a skyrocketing growth stock in its early years? Your choice.

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Why Stocks of Smartphone Suppliers Crashed Last Month

Flagship smartphones might miss the holiday season in 2020, and that's bad news for the makers of their internal components.

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Why Apple Shares (And Many Apple Suppliers) Jumped on Monday

Brief relief from bad news in the coronavirus panic made many investors think Americans are ready to buy millions of smartphones again. Not so fast, dear reader.

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Why Netflix Stock Rose Last Month

The company is reaping both immediate and long-term benefits from the COVID-19 crisis.

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Why Some Restaurant Stocks Fell Harder Than Others in March

Drive-thru and delivery options held up fairly well, while restaurants with a tight focus on sit-down services suffered greatly.

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Here's How Cloudflare Shares Gained 10.2% in March

The online security and productivity services expert is sailing through the COVID-19 crisis, picking up more clients along the way.

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Why The Michaels Companies Stock Plunged 62% In March

The arts and crafts retailer is fighting for survival on three fronts, each one potentially devastating in the long run. Management tried some dirty tricks to keep the train rolling in March.

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Clothing Giant H&M Is Making WHO-Approved Safety Masks

Though the company is facing heavy coronavirus headwinds of its own, it isn't looking to profit from these masks.

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HBO Gives America 500 Hours of Premium Content, Absolutely Free

HBO owner AT&T isn't saying how long this limited-time offer will last, but there's good reason to expect it will wrap up sometime in May.

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Why Cedar Fair Shares Plunged 60% Last Month

The theme park operator has closed all of its parks until further notice due to the COVID-19 crisis. Is the stock a risky bet or a strong buy today?

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Why Wendy's Stock Crashed Today

An experienced short-seller continues to bet against restaurant stocks.

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Wimbledon Canceled for the First Time Since WWII Amid Coronavirus Concerns

The no-go order may look premature, but the preparations for this Grand Slam event would normally have started in April.

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Xerox Gives Up: The $35 Billion Hostile Takeover Bid for HP Is Dead

The star-crossed buyout offer has been canceled, allowing both companies to refocus on responding to the coronavirus crisis.

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SiriusXM Gives North America Free Access to Online Streaming Until May 15

The satellite radio giant also introduced a few new channels.

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Walt Disney Cuts Executive Pay to Conserve Cash in the COVID-19 Crisis

The House of Mouse won't let its leaders go hungry, but the company is starting its cost-saving efforts at the top.

Change 2020 to 2021

It's Official: The Tokyo Olympics Are Moving to the Summer of 2021

Coronavirus concerns forced the International Olympic Committee to move the world's largest sporting event by a full year.

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3 Unknown but Amazing Dividend Stocks

These companies quietly work behind the scenes of your everyday life, generating torrential cash flows along the way and returning a lot of that cash to investors through dividend checks.

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Sony and GameStop Agree: The PS5 Launch Is Still On Track for the Holidays

The ninth generation of major video game consoles is expected to breathe new life into some struggling companies in the industry.