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Buz Livingston, CFP

Buz Livingston, CFP


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Targeting Those Who Target Seniors

Regulators are cracking down on misleading credentials among advisors to the elderly.

Vanguard Cuts ETF Fees Again

The fund company is trying to compete on price.

Should You Sue Your Employer?

Excessive 401(k) fees have one company in hot water.

A Retirement Plan Horror Story

A $1.7 million scam involving the retirement money of 141 teachers doesn't go unpunished.

Protect Yourself From Financial Disaster

So many lessons to learn from the 2007 housing crisis.

A Toast to Absolut

The Swedish vodka maker is up for sale.

Don't Fumble Your Finances

Investing success comes down to a few key plays.

Christmas Shopping Made Easy

Avoid the crowds with this simple gift.

Buy Term, Young Man

Don't fall for insurance hype.

Dump "Liar Loans"

Banks should stop giving credit without documentation.

Beware of Brokers Bearing Annuities

Big commissions and poor performance can cost you.

Not Everything Is an Emergency

You need an emergency fund. What you don't need are excuses to burn through it.

Report From Hurricane Alley

It could happen to you, so you better start preparing.

Fund Your TSP, That's an Order!

The military offers a great retirement plan option.

Help the Heroes

To remember Memorial Day, give to a worthy cause.

Man Smart, Woman Smarter

Listen to your mother.

Hillary, Obama, and Long-Term Care

If you're digging for votes, there's no better tactic than bashing the insurance industry.

Asia's Answer to Anna Nicole

Inheritance battles: not just for Westerners anymore.

Are You Really in Good Hands?

Insurance agents have their own families to protect.

Dueling Fools: Berkshire Hathaway Bull

One Fool's ovation for the Oracle of Omaha.