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Ralph Casale


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Companion Diagnostics in Cancer Drug Development

Diagnostic companies partnering with drug developers can make for an attractive investment segment.

Where We Are in the War on Cancer

A recap of Xconomy's recent event, "Boston's War on Cancer."

The Changing Landscape of Pharmaceutical Information

Boston's War on Cancer examines the state and direction of cancer therapy research.

The State of Oncology and the Future for Biotech Investors

Millennium CEO Dr. Deborah Dunsire talks to the Fool's Ralph Casale about the state of the industry.

The War on Cancer: A Long and Ongoing Struggle

Notes from Xconomy's "War on Cancer" biotechnology forum.

Another Genetic Sequencer Gobbled Up

Roche buys out second-generation sequencer 454 Life Scienes.

Shine a Little Light on Me

Wherefore is there Daylight Saving Time?

Beckman-Coulter Gets Diagnostic

A look at Beckman-coulter's acquisition of Biosite.

Affymetrix Expresses Profits

New diagnostics products make for a bright 2007.

Molecular Devices Acquired

A win for all involved.

Varian Beams In Results

The medical equipment manufacturer has both causes for concern and reasons to be positive.

Win-Win for Abbott and GE?

Abbott trades its medical diagnostics segment for cold hard cash.

The Best Drug Stock for 2007: GlaxoSmithKline

Glaxo's an all-around winner for the year to come.

Picks and Shovels of Biotechnology

CAPS players rate the best companies supporting the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Dueling Fools: Dividends

Show this Fool the money.

Dueling Fools: Dividends Rebuttal

Buybacks aren't bad, but cash is king.

Not Your Father's Index Funds

Fundamental indexing offers a new twist on the tried-and-true strategy of index investing.

Validation for a Biotechnology Firm?

How Merck's bid to buy a competitor could affect Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.

Invest Like The Mummy

Few investors have been as successful as The Mummy.

Invest Like Dr. Jekyll

Learn to conquer your inner Mr. Hyde.