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Christopher Barker

Christopher Barker


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Everything You Need to Know About Gold and Silver

Condensing a complex topic into a Foolish manifesto.

Talking Value, Risks, and Opportunities with Silver Wheaton's CEO

Randy Smallwood fields a pair of reader-submitted questions.

Molycorp Investors Suffer a Case of Whiplash

This was no Brady-Bunch courtroom farce, but a true case of whiplash!

First Majestic Silver's Earnings Mark an Incredible Entry Point

What in the world are these trigger-happy traders thinking?

The Bottom Line for Hecla Mining

Enormous cash margins are great, but don't overlook the bottom line.

CEO Randy Smallwood on Silver Wheaton's Preference for Silver Over Gold

Following a major gold acquisition, Silver Wheaton restates it's immutable focus upon silver.

Yamana Gold Remains a Flawless Gem

Yamana is simply the most effective and reliable operator in the business.

A Timely Opportunity in Peabody Energy

The deeper the industry's strongest competitor sinks, the more attractive it's stock becomes.

Hecla Needs This Lucky Friday

Sometimes even disciplined value investors can wish for a little luck.

Gold Investors Shield Their Eyes From the Sandstorm

My kingdom for a pair of goggles!

Why Silver Wheaton's New Gold Streams Are Better Than Advertised

Silver Wheaton CEO Randy Smallwood discusses his company's recent gold-stream acquisition

Announcing the End of the Bear Market for Gold Stocks

Grab these reforming gold stocks before they begin their inevitable march higher.

Rio Tinto: Flying High on a Disastrous Year

Rio Tinto struck suffered a horrendous 2012, so why is the stock flying high?

Goldcorp Stands Tall Through Goldageddon

Amid a disastrous decline in gold mining equities, Goldcorp continues to shine.

Avoid these Dangerous Cliffs, and Find Your Value Elsewhere

Though Cliffs' collapse may tempt bargain hunters, better opportunities abound

Gollum's Syndrome: The Burden and the Treasure of Silver's "The Precious"

Two of the world's leading silver miners battle for control of La Preciosa.

Strike Gold After the Gold Fields Spinout

Gold Fields looks stronger following a key restructuring.

The Real Reason That Teck Resources Tanked

Met-coal miners continue to spot bullish fundamentals despite near-term weakness.

A Monumental Score for Silver Wheaton

Silver's shining star books a precious gold stream.

Dissecting a Huge Miss From Arch Coal's Earnings

Arch Coal takes a 10% nosedive following a tough earnings miss.

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