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Travis Hoium

Travis Hoium


Travis Hoium has been writing for since July 2010 and covers the solar industry, renewable energy, and gaming stocks among other things.

Recent articles

Square Reader at Bike Shop

Why Square Stock Popped 7.9% on Friday

It was another great quarter from Square.

Golf Ball Teed Up

Why Drive Shack Stock Dropped 19.1% Today

This entertainment company isn't growing like investors hoped.

Sports Betting On a Mobile Phone

Why DraftKings Stock Dropped 5.6% on Friday

Even great results couldn't push the shares higher.

Solar Panels on Home

Why Sunrun Stock Popped 12% Today

A higher growth rate is being cheered by investors today.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Imagery

Why Bloom Energy Caused Fuel Cell Stocks to Drop Today

Earnings didn't quite hit the mark, but there was still good news for Bloom Energy today.

Stack of Blocks Showing Growth

Is It Too Late to Buy These Red-Hot Stocks?

Hot streaks don't last forever.

Pool with Ring Floating on Water

Why Hayward Holdings Shares Popped 24.3% Wednesday

The pool business is on fire.

Kitchen Supplies

Why Tupperware Brands Popped 15.3% on Wednesday

A big earnings beat pleased investors today.

Craps Game at Casino

Why Caesars Entertainment's Shares Popped 10.4% on Wednesday

Las Vegas is back.

Home with Rooftop Solar

Why SunPower Stock Both Dropped and Popped Today

The sell-off reversed quickly for SunPower.

EV Getting a Charge

3 Companies That Will Directly Benefit From an EV Boom

These aren't EV manufacturers, but they'll benefit from EV growth around the world.

Fleet of Electric Vehicles

Who Has the Real Power in GM's Charging Network?

More users seem like good news for the EV charging companies in the network, but it may show a big weakness for them.

Solar Farm In a Forest

Why Solar Energy Stocks Dropped on Tuesday

Investors were spooked by solar energy stocks today.

Natural Gas Truck on Road

Why Shares of Renewable Energy Group Popped 15.4% on Tuesday

A big earnings beat pleased the market today.

Betting on Game at Bar

Why DraftKings Shares Dropped 7% Today

Growth stocks are getting pummeled.

Solar On A Roof

Why SolarEdge Technologies Stock Plunged 15.7% Today

Earnings may not be what investors were looking for.

Growing Money

Why Gartner's Shares Popped 20.9% Today

The earnings beat was big, but guidance should get investors' attention.

Tesla Blue Model Y

Why Tesla's China PR Crisis Is Worth Watching Very Closely

Most of Tesla's growth is in China, and that makes the current PR challenge there especially troublesome.

Solar on Large Hill

3 Clean Energy Stocks to Buy Today

These are industry leaders that are built to last.

Piggy Bank Showing Growth Arrow

4 Stocks I'm Excited to Hold Until 2030

These stocks require a long-term investment horizon but could pay off big.