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Travis Hoium

Travis Hoium


Travis Hoium has been writing for since July 2010 and covers the solar industry, renewable energy, and gaming stocks among other things.

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Cruise Liner on Open Water

Why Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line Stocks Plunged on Wednesday

It's getting expensive just to get a lifeline in the cruise business.

Bell at Hotel Front Desk

Why Shares of Marriott International Plunged 9.6% on Wednesday

This time it's not COVID-19's fault.


Facebook May Be Hit Harder Than You Think by COVID-19

The coronavirus isn't going to spare this tech giant.

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Why REITs Aren't Immune to the Market Crash

Commercial real estate is going to be hard hit by COVID-19 and a likely recession.

Closed Sign on Restaurant

3 Restaurant Stocks That Could Thrive After COVID-19

In-person dining will make a comeback someday, and these chains are built to survive until it does.

Roulette Wheel

Why Casino Stocks Jumped Big on Tuesday

A huge merger is still on, plus a surprising real estate deal shows that casino companies can still access capital markets.

Cruise Ship at a Dock

Why Cruise Line Stocks Popped (and then Dropped) on Tuesday

It doesn't look like investors have given up on the cruise business yet.

First Solar CstSte_PV-Plant-Fixed_CA_X

Why First Solar Is the Top Solar Stock Today

A rock-solid balance sheet is a huge strength for First Solar.

Skee Ball in Amusement Park

Why Dave & Buster's Entertainment Stock Plunged 16.3% on Monday

The shutdown of restaurants nationwide doesn't look like it'll end soon.

Traveler in Airport with Mask

Why Expedia Group Shares Plunged on Monday

The travel business isn't going to return to normal anytime soon.

Cruise Ship Docked Near Beach

Why Cruise Line Stocks Plunged Again on Monday

There isn't much light at the end of the tunnel for cruise line operators.

Cruise Liner on Open Water

Why Cruise Line Stocks Cratered on Friday

A bailout isn't coming to the cruise line industry yet.

Cruise Ship at a Dock

Will Carnival Survive the COVID-19 Crash?

The cruise company's cash may disappear faster than you think and the potential for a bailout is low.

Cruise Ship Docked Near Beach

Why Travel Stocks Jumped Big (and Then Fell Back) on Thursday

Travel stocks did well -- for a while.

Large Tanks Outside

Why Shares of Chart Industries Popped 17.8% on Thursday

Management had some good news about its operations.

Toasting Wine Glasses at Restaurant

Why Restaurant Stocks Came Roaring Back on Tuesday

There is a ray of hope for dining shares today.

Square Reader at Bike Shop

Why Square's Shares Jumped 15.7% on Tuesday

Small business loans, which are part of a potential $2 trillion stimulus package, could help Square long term.

Cruise Ship Docked Near Beach

Why Carnival Corp's Shares Jumped As Much As 39% on Tuesday

Finally, a good day for this beaten-up cruise line stock.

Person Shopping For Electronics In Store

Why Best Buy Shares Popped 20.1% Today

At least one retailer may be seeing a surge in demand this month.

How Macao Could Save Las Vegas Casino Stocks

Macao's decline in business may not last as long as it does in Las Vegas.