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Travis Hoium

Travis Hoium


Travis Hoium has been writing for since July 2010 and covers the solar industry, renewable energy, and gaming stocks among other things.

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Is GoPro Stock a Buy Now?

GoPro seems to have found its niche in action cameras, but are there any growth opportunities ahead?

Uranium On a Periodic Table

Why Uranium Stocks Exploded This Week

Uranium spot prices were up big this week and that pushed uranium stocks higher as well.

Matterport Real Estate Dollhouse

Why Matterport's Stock Jumped 10.4% on Thursday

Investors are piling into this growth stock today.

Wind Farm in Field

These 3 Renewable Energy Stocks Should Benefit From a New Infrastructure Bill

More than a trillion dollars could be flowing into infrastructure spending and these companies could be big winners if Congress passes an infrastructure bill.

Digital Bitcoin

Why Canaan's Stock Dropped 13.8% on Wednesday

Earnings were great, but the market sold off the stock anyway.

Cash App Pay

Why Square Stock Jumped and Fell Off Today

Square's disruption of the financial industry continues.

Macau Skyline at Night

Why Macao's Casino Stocks Got Crushed Today

Macao is considering more regulations, and initial rules being considered could severely limit the upside for casino stocks.

Solar Home

3 Out-of-Favor Solar Stocks to Buy Now

Solar energy is booming and these three companies have a leg up on the competition.

Person Wearing Smart Glasses

Facebook's Path Into Wearables Will Be an Uphill Climb

Even if Facebook's hardware is great, there are barriers to it being easy to use.

Watering a Money Plant

3 Disrupter Stocks I Love Right Now

Finding disruptive businesses can lead to big gains for investors.

Water Flowing Over Dam

Why Shares of Cadiz Fell on Monday

No news was bad news for the water company.

Person Listening to Music

Apple's Epic Loss Could Be a Big Win for Spotify

It may soon be easier for customers to sign up for Spotify Premium on Apple devices.

Bitcoin On Mobile Trading Device

Why Shares of SOS Limited Jumped 21.7% on Friday

Early results from 2021 are looking great.

Dollar Bills Making a Dollar Sign

3 Top U.S. Stocks to Watch in September

These stocks aren't just great buys, they'll tell us a lot about the direction of the market.

Cruise Ship at a Dock

Why Carnival Stock Fell 3.3% on Wednesday

The CDC may have sunk the cruise line's stock today.

Golf Ball Teed Up

1 Cheap Stock for a Re-Opening Boom

Callaway could come out of the pandemic better than ever.

Energy Storage with Renewable Plants

3 Energy Stocks to Buy Right Now

These energy stocks have tailwinds behind them that could last decades.

Digital Respresentation of a Home On Tablet

3 Real Estate Technology Stocks to Buy Now

Technology is coming to the real estate market, and there are three leaders to bet on.

NFT on Computer Chip

Why DraftKings Stock Jumped 5.1% Today

Could non-fungible tokens be a growth market for DraftKings?

Waymo Vehicles In Line

Self-Driving Cars Are Here and the Leaders May Surprise You

Tests of fully autonomous ridesharing services are growing in the U.S.