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Patrick Bafuma

Patrick Bafuma


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3 Things Nano-X Needs to Do to Make You Rich

The FDA recently cleared its digital X-ray concept; here's what has to happen next to generate shareholder value.

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Better Healthcare Stock for the Next 10 Years: Butterfly Network vs. Shockwave Medical

Which of these amazing medical technology companies is better for your portfolio for the next decade?

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Does 2021's Best Biopharma to Work for Belong in Your Portfolio?

Horizon Therapeutics has a clear path to significant sales growth.

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This Medical Equipment Company's Recent Earnings Gave Investors Butterflies

Butterfly Network's debut earnings call last week was impressive, but might have spooked some investors.

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3 Cancer Diagnostic Monster Stocks on Sale

These under-the-radar stocks have had incredible growth over the last 5 years, and are all off over 15% from their highs.

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This Pharma Can Breathe New Life Into Your Portfolio

Will future Tyvaso revenue growth push United Therapeutics to new heights?

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This 2020 Biotech IPO Is Poised to Break Out in 2021

Revolution Medicines' leading compound is shaping up to be a platform in a pill.

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Better Buy for the Next 10 Years: Abiomed vs. Guardant Heath

Which healthcare company is a better play for the next decade?

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This Big Leap in Cancer Treatment Could Change the Landscape

TIL therapy looks able to win a large addressable market, and Iovance is the leader of the pack.

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2,500% Returns? This Stock Is Like Buying Illumina in 2007

10x Genomics is powering the next generation of biotech research.


3 Reasons to Buy Sage Therapeutics, and 1 Reason to Pass

Can this brain health-focused biotech continue to rise, or will it fade -- again?

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Why bluebird bio Is Worth a Look Today

It's good news for investors as this biotech brings impressive results to the rare disease market.

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3 Reasons to Avoid Arena Pharmaceuticals -- and 1 Reason to Buy

Can this pharma blow past its highs from 10 years ago, or will it fade away -- again?

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This Underperforming Biotech Is Ready to Beat the Market

Incyte is betting bigger on ruxolitinib to bring back growth.

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Beyond COVID, Regeneron Is Betting Big on Oncology

Future growth will depend on its new checkpoint inhibitor wrangling market share away from Merck's Keytruda.

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Get an Earful of This Growing Healthcare Stock

Eargo is looking to modernize the hearing aid market, and we're all ears.


Like Guardant Health? You'll Love CareDx

This under-the-radar diagnostics company is thriving yet reasonably priced.


Magenta Is Ready to Paint Your Portfolio Green

This clinical-stage biotech is looking to make stem cell transplantation faster, easier, and safer for both donors and patients.


Why Turning Point Is Turning Heads

This oncology biotech is up over 450% since its April 2019 IPO. Are there still gains to come, or should investors turn away?


It's Already Doubled in 2021, and This Healthcare Juggernaut Is Just Getting Started

Dermtech stock is up over 130% so far in 2021, and increased insurance acceptance is just one reason it could be a five-bagger in the next five years.