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Amanda Alix

Amanda Alix


Foolish financial writer since early 2012, striving to demystify the intriguing field of finance -- which, contrary to popular opinion, is truly what makes the world go 'round.

Recent articles

Legal Marijuana Businesses Face Roadblocks -- While Governments Cash In

Outdated laws can be onerous for entrepreneurs who sell legal weed, stifling the industry.

Stocks With Monthly Dividends 2014: EPR Properties

Rising revenues and a big yield make this REIT especially attractive.

5 Outrageous Ways Your Tax Dollars Are Being Wasted

Senator Tom Coburn’s latest "Wastebook" tallies up $25 billion in wasteful spending -- and that doesn't even cover all of it.

Why M&T Bank Is One of the Biggest Warren Buffett Stocks

Despite recent headwinds, this Buffett favorite is still one of banking’s best performers

Is This Move By Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac a Mistake?

Fannie, Freddie, and the FHFA are working on a plan to make mortgages easier to obtain.

Who Are the People Behind Oregon's Marijuana Legalization Drive? The Answer May Surprise You

Billionaires, celebrities, and cops are pushing for Oregon’s Measure 91.

Where Are All the Good-Paying Jobs?

Unemployment is below 6%, but the jobs that the economy is generating are overwhelmingly low-wage positions.

2 Good Reasons to Take Another Look at Mortgage REITs

These high-yielders are definitely worth consideration, even with interest rate uncertainty

1 Simple Trick That Can Save You Thousands on Your Student Loan Debt

Making interest-only payments early on can help you manage your student debt load

Baby Boomers: Make Plans to Protect Your Spouse in Retirement -- Just in Case

Boomers need to start early in order to be sure that the loss of one partner won’t bankrupt the other.

Bank of America Corp.'s Little-Known Revenue Source: U.S. Prisons

Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase have a lock on no-bid contracts for the federal prison system

Liberal Arts Degrees Can Net Big Salaries -- if You Wait Long Enough

Technical degrees might pay off right away, but humanities majors catch up, eventually.

4 Resume Blunders to Avoid

Do any of these and chances are excellent that you won’t even get an interview

A Short History of the Breathtaking Cluelessness of U.S. Financial Regulators

New revelations about government oversight of big banks shows a shocking lack of acumen regarding financial matters.

From Bike Valets to Car Condos, Real Estate Developers Cater to Affluent Boomers

Wealthy baby boomers have the money to live the life they want – and developers are there to help

Get Free College Tuition Abroad -- but Watch for These Pitfalls

Higher education is free in many countries outside of the U.S. – but other issues can reduce the appeal of studying abroad

The $83 Billion Threat to the Housing Market

Student debt is keeping the young out of the housing market, crushing the recovery.

How Similar Are Federal Employees to Average Americans? Not Very, It Seems

Our representatives don’t resemble the American public -- and think very differently as a result.

Activists Target the Nastiest Type of Student Debt

Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee bought up and forgave nearly $4 million of written-off student debt from for-profit Everest College

The Single Best Investment Baby Boomers Can Make

This move can create a reservoir of wealth that boomers can call upon as they age.

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