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Doug Ehrman

Doug Ehrman


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Internet Security by the Government... Really?

A new initiative by the government looks to streamline online security, but are there larger concerns about privacy that you should be asking?

Verizon Bets $130 Billion on the USA

The wireless landscape is changing and the biggest U.S. carrier is betting big on growth at home.

Is Apple's Expected New Tech a Huge Risk?

One expected new feature of the Apple iPhone 5S should have investors concerned.

Is Google About to Unleash the Next War in Tech?

Google is preparing to compete in the device battle that could change everything.

Will Chesapeake Benefit From a Wintry Super Bowl?

Natural gas is poised to benefit from a chilly winter heading into the big game.

Apple Remains in Command of U.S. Mobile

A recent report looks at U.S. mobile usage and shows that Apple may be even stronger than you think.

Finally, an iPhone Trade-In Program From Apple... but Is It Too Late?

As the secondary market for smartphones heats up, Apple's program may not have a great impact.

Syria, Chemical Weapons and Gold are All Linked

With the world focused on the impact of the Syrian situation on oil prices, the affects on gold should not be overlooked.

How Apple Will Defend Its Margins

With the pending release of the new iPhone models, some investors are worried that Apple's margins will plunge.

Could Google Make NFL Sunday Ticket Profitable?

Google could make the fan experience better and still turn a profit in the process.

Gold Stays Global As Fed Fails to Provide Clarity

It's easy to forget that gold is a global asset, so focusing on the Fed can leave an important part of the story untold.

Verizon Knows Data Is the Next Battleground in the Smartphone Wars

The rollout of new plans is an acknowledgement by Verizon that data may become the battleground of the future.

How Apple Can Overcome Smartphone Fatigue

As markets become saturated, buyers tend to grow weary, but this structural change in the market could keep things going strong.

3 Unexpected Plays on Shale Oil

The shale boom is hardly a secret, but these three companies may help you to capitalize even this late in the game.

There Is Still Time to Benefit From Silver Wheaton

With precious metals stabilizing, this silver company offers an attractive opportunity.

Uncertainty at the Fed Could Make Gold a Solid Play

Uncertainty over who will take the helm at the Federal Reserve creates a strong case for buying gold at current levels.

Swirling Influences Drive Gold Higher

While the U.S. economy has put negative pressure on gold, world demand has kept prices moving higher, but what are the implications?

Is Apple Getting Scooped?

Samsung is expected to release bigger news first, but is it a problem for Apple?

Roku Shakes Up Streaming Video Devices

Streaming devices are the newest entrant to the streaming market, and the results are surprising to some.

Are Molycorp and Rare-Earth Metals Ready to Run?

A careful look at Molycorp's numbers suggests that we are missing the whole story.