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Ishfaque Faruk


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3 Major Reasons to Buy eBay

eBay is a growing company with a very attractive risk/reward ratio, significant growth ahead, and a rapid share buyback pace.

Will Twitter Stock Move Higher?

Twitter's changes in management along with newer revenue drivers might drive incremental upside in its stock price.

3 Reasons Pandora is a Buy

Pandora Media has strong upside potential for three underlying reasons: leadership position, monetization growth, and a shift toward subscription dollars.

The Bear Case for Netflix

The bear thesis for Netflix can be laid out in the form of heightened competition, rising content costs, and fee extractions from ISPs.

Facebook: Earnings Growth Ahead

Facebook's strong revenue growth and high operating margins will lead to robust EPS growth.

eBay Inc. Stock Is Becoming Very Attractive

eBay is a strong e-commerce and payments name that is trading at an attractive price. Strong market positions, share repurchases, and the presence of Carl Icahn will pave the way for higher upside.

The Bear Case for Sirius XM

The bear thesis for Sirius XM can be laid out in the form of heightened competition, consumer adoption, and the macro environment including auto sales.