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Callum Turcan


I love America and am proud to see us getting closer and closer to energy independence, which is why I cover energy stocks.
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Access Midstream Partners' yield has nowhere to go but up

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Kinder Morgan Energy Partners is at it again, boosting DCF by strong double digits

2 Reasons Companies Are Switching to CNG

How companies are cutting costs and using CNG to power their vehicles.

Marijuana isn't the Only Thing Growing in Colorado

Noble Energy found major gas fields next to Israel, but most of its capital expenditure budget is going towards the Denver-Julesburg Basin.

Can Hess Have Its Cake and Eat It Too?

Hess is divesting assets to focus on high-growth properties; is this going to pay off, and what's next for Hess?

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Why you should look at what a company plans to do and not what it has done.

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What to expect from Chevron's next earnings report.

Many Companies are Finding Out that America is the Place to Spend Cash

By selling off slow growth foreign assets, American E&P players can focus on high-growth shale assets.

35 Trillion Reasons Why Israel Could Be a Game Changer

Noble Energy's major finds off the coast of Israel and Cyprus may carry you to royalty.