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Keith Noonan

Keith Noonan


Keith Noonan covers technology, entertainment, and other fields.

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Here's Why Affirm Holdings Was Up Big Today

Despite the recent pop, the fintech stock is still down roughly 33% year to date.

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3 Signs a Growth Stock Is Better Than Robinhood

Robinhood's IPO fell short of expectations. Heeding these signs could lead to better returns.

Warren Buffett.

3 Warren Buffett Stocks to Buy if the Market Crashes

Stock market crashes are usually painful, but the next one could bring big opportunities.

A person looking at a hologram display.

Here's Why Appian Stock Sank Today

Appian stock is now down roughly 29% year to date.

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Here's Why Lamb Weston Stock Sank Today

The food products company's share price is now down roughly 16.4% year to date.

A Chinese flag behind a stock ticker board and descending chart line.

Here's Why Chinese Tech Stocks Were Plummeting Today

Chinese stocks are going on sale, but it's not clear if they're a great deal.

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Why Lemonade Stock Is Climbing Today

New insurance partners are adding Lemonade's services, and the company appears to have a long runway for growth.

An hourglass in front of a hundred-dollar bill.

3 Stocks That Can Turn $300,000 into $1 Million in 10 Years

Looking for big returns? Don't assume you have to take on huge risk.

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Why Fiverr International Stock Was Up Big This Week

The gig economy stock has seen some volatile swings in 2021, but it's currently up 23.4% year to date.

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2 Stocks to Buy With Dividends Yielding More Than 3%

These companies pay hefty dividends and have big capital appreciation potential.

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3 Top Stocks to Buy in July

It's peak summer, and these stocks are looking hot, hot, hot.

Solar panels.

Why Daqo New Energy Stock Sank Today

The polysilicon producer's stock is seeing big swings following the recent Shanghai IPO for its subsidiary.

A child looking at a tablet.

Why Genius Brands Stock Was Up Big Today

Despite volatile trading, the children's streaming stock is now up roughly 20% year to date.

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2 Top Growth Stocks to Buy in July

Book a ticket for strong returns with these attractively valued growth plays.

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3 Things to Remember in a Stock Market Crash

Worried about a market crash?

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Why Upwork Stock Got Hit Hard This Week

Macroeconomic worries are shaking up tech sector valuations.

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Got $3,600? 3 Stocks That Could Triple By 2025

Getting a child tax credit payment or just looking to put some spare cash to work? These companies could be big winners.

Person's hands hold a sell phone, on which an image of stock price movements, buy and sell buttons are displayed.

2 Robinhood Stocks to Buy in July

These retail-investor favorites could serve up big returns.

Warren Buffett

2 Warren Buffett Stocks to Buy in July

One of history's most successful investors is betting on these stocks -- and neither is a typical Berkshire Hathaway holding.

Charts and numbers over a hundred-dollar bill.

A Stock Market Crash Is Coming: 3 Top Stocks to Buy When It Happens

The next crash is a matter of when, not if. When it hits, you may want to pounce on these stocks.