Danny Vena

Danny Vena


Daniel W. Vena, CPA, CGMA is a long-term investor searching for intangibles that provide explosive growth opportunities in his investments. He served on active duty with the US Army and has a Bachelor's degree in accounting.

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$100 Dollar with face masks on Benjamin Franklin falling From a stormy, cloudy sky

Netflix Just Proved 2 Aspects of the Stock's Bull Thesis

Some investors looked at the results and saw a glass that was half-empty. I saw a glass on the verge of overflowing.

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Smartphone-Focused Streaming Service Quibi Calls It Quits

It turns out that doing streaming video well isn't as easy as it looks.

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Southwest Will Add More Passengers to Planes as Coronavirus Transmission Fears Wane

Recent studies reveal that cleaning measures on planes are more effective than some believed.

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Adding $1,000 to These 3 Top Stocks Right Now Would Be Brilliant

Just a small investment can go a long way when investing in high-flying, top-tier companies with massive addressable markets.

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These 3 Stocks Could Be Huge Winners From Another Round of Stimulus Checks

The U.S. government is negotiating another multi-trillion dollar economic relief package. These stocks are positioned to benefit from it.

disneyland december 2017 - 2

California Issues Long-Awaited Reopening Guidelines for Disneyland and Other Theme Parks

That doesn't mean fans will be visiting the Happiest Place on Earth anytime soon.

Smiling young women sitting on a bed watching streaming video on a tablet at night.

Netflix Subscriber Growth Slows to a Crawl, Just as Management Predicted

The company cautioned last quarter that growth would taper off in the second half.

Satellite in space orbiting the Earth

Microsoft Azure Partners With SpaceX to Offer Cloud Computing in Space

The space race for cloud dominance is heating up.

A gavel near a laptop with piles of 100 dollar bills and a scale nearby justice antitrust

Justice Department Files Antitrust Suit Against Google

The search giant is the first to be charged as the government increases its focus on Big Tech.

A woman with sunglasses and headphones listening to streaming music from her smartphone

Apple Music TV Launches With 24-Hour Streaming Music Videos

The iPhone maker is providing more services to attract and retain users.

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3 Stocks to Buy for the Coming Stock Market Crash

Solid growth prospects and proven resilience can help allay your fears during difficult circumstances.

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3 High-Growth Tech Stocks Robinhood Investors Are Buying Hand Over Fist

These top-tier companies are among the most popular picks on the investment trading platform.

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Third-Party Sellers Booked $3.5 Billion in Sales During Amazon's Prime Day 2020

That marked significant growth compared to last year's event.

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Investing in These 3 Stocks Now Could Make You a Millionaire Retiree

Disruptive companies with a smaller market cap can be a key component to achieving a seven-figure nest egg.

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Analyst: Netflix Will Surge 21% to $670 Due to a 'Dramatically Changing World'

One analyst sees consumer behavior forever changed by the pandemic.

Smiling group of young adults watching television and eating popcorn

Netflix Ends Free Trial Subscription in the U.S.

The streaming giant has long offered a "try it before you buy it" option. No longer.

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Forget FAANG, Buy These 4 Top-Notch Stocks Instead

A recent congressional report hints at big trouble for big tech, but there are compelling alternatives for investors.

Falling snowflakes against a dark backdrop

Snowflake Signs Multimillion-Dollar Deal With Goldman Sachs

The cloud data management company continues to make headlines after its record-setting IPO.

A woman clenching her fist in triumph playing a mobile game on her phone

Mobile Gaming Company Roblox Files to Go Public

The company is seeking to cash in on the ongoing IPO gold rush.

Hand of man typing text on mobile smartphone with chat icon appearing above phone

Twilio Stock Climbs on Acquisition of Segment for $3.2 Billion

The deal will significantly increase the company's already sizable market opportunity.