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Nickey Friedman

Nickey Friedman


Nickey is a select freelancer for the Fool. She writes about food & beverage, dry bulk shipping, and whatever else floats her boat. After selling four successful restaurants, she turned in her knives for a pen and now puts her passion for food, hospitality, and transportation in writing. You can send email to her at

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No, it’s not Chipotle’s burrito or the latest pasta entrées at Panera Bread.

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Halliburton has been reporting fantastic fundamental results, but that doesn’t mean that type of performance will last forever.

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Mondelez International’s earnings are starting to breakout higher. Here’s why you should expect them to keep going.

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Lowe's stock rises as company reports good quarterly results.


AutoZone, Inc. vs. O'Reilly Automotive Inc -- Which Is the Better Stock to Buy?

O'Reilly Automotive and AutoZone both have market caps around $18 billion, but one looks a bit more attractive than the other.

Forget Chipotle Stock, This Is the Better Fast-Food Stock Pick

Jack in the Box with its growing Qdoba Mexican Grill chain looks tasty.

5 Things Halliburton Company's Management Wants You to Know

The short version is that Halliburton’s stock price appears to be behaving differently from its fundamentals.

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Halliburton is well capitalized and ready to pounce.

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There's a lot of uncertainty surrounding the company and the stock.

Burger King Succeeds With "Junk Food." What's Holding Back McDonald's?

Burger King is growing its same-store sales while McDonald’s is shrinking as innovation lags.

Now Is Not the Time to Buy SodaStream Stock

After seven years of double-digit revenue growth, the trend has stopped and is starting to reverse.

5 Restaurants Stepping Up to the Tech Plate

Dining out is about to get a whole lot faster and more enjoyable -- and perhaps more profitable -- for these five companies.

Starbucks Doesn't Stand Still

Starbucks is going even more upscale with the coming launch of a new super-premium coffee sub-brand called Starbucks Reserve. And that's not it's only idea for growth.

ExxonMobil (XOM) Stock: Should You Be Scared of Plunging Oil Prices?

A dividend is only as good as a company’s ability to sustainably pay it. Here's why ExxonMobil and its dividend benefit from low oil prices.

Times Are A-Changing In the Fast Food Industry -- Here's 1 Surprising Way

What was rare and costly just a few years ago is now free and a key selling point for the industry.

5 Things United Continental Holdings Inc.'s Management Wants You to Know

With United Continental Holdings stock at all-time highs it may not seem cheap at first, but it still may have a ways to go long term.

Why J.C. Penney Company Inc. Stock Crashed 17% in 2014

It wasn’t for lack of progress, but mostly from a short-term knee-jerk reaction to a single data point. Time to buy?

Taco Bell Has McDonald's -- and Chipotle -- in Its Sights

Fast-food Mexican vs. fast-casual Mexican and fast-food American -- can Taco Bell pierce them both?

Mondelez International Earnings: No Need to Sugarcoat the Delicious Results

Mondelez International adjusted earnings per diluted share jumped 32.5% on a constant currency basis to $0.50.

DryShips Earnings: A Huge Miss on Estimates Right Under Your Nose

The profit DryShips reported may tempt you into the stock, but the profit is an illusion. Tread carefully.

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