Updated June 7th, 2018

This offer is no longer available. The information for the Chase Slate® has been collected independently by The Motley Fool. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

Chase Slate® can be a solid credit card option for fee-wary cardholders wanting to chip away at their debt balances. The card's most notable perk is its $0 intro balance transfer fee for transfers made within 60 days, plus its long 0% intro APR on balance transfers and purchases. Here’s a deeper dive on Chase Slate® to help you understand if the card is a fit for your needs.

Chase Slate®


  • 0% intro APR offer
  • $0 annual fee
  • $0 intro balance transfer fee
  • FICO® Score for free


  • No rewards
  • No sign-up bonus

What we like about Chase Slate®

  • 0% intro APR – The card includes a 0% intro APR spanning 15 months for purchases and balance transfers. We Fools always encourage smart use of credit, and transferring balances to a 0% intro APR card can help avoid costly interest charges. In fact, paying off a $5,000 balance over 15 months will cost a whopping $620 in interest charges at an 18% APR. 
  • $0 annual fee – Credit cards packed with valuable features generally charge higher fees or APRs. Chase Slate® balances this relationship well by not charging an annual fee.
  • $0 balance-transfer fee – Chase Slate® incentivizes cardholders to pay down debt faster, and one way it does so is by slashing fees. Chase Slate® waives balance-transfer fees during the first 60 days, whereas the standard practice is to charge a percentage of the amount transferred or a flat-dollar amount, whichever is greater. After 60 days, balance-transfer fees kick in for any additional transfers, and Chase Slate® charges 5% ($5 min.).
  • FICO® Score for free – Chase made the right move by providing Chase Slate® cardholders with access to a FICO® Score for free. Tracking and building your credit score are two of the most powerful weapons you have to improve your financial well-being. A good score can help you land some of the best mortgage rates and credit card offers. 

What could be improved about Chase Slate®

  • Rewards and sign-up bonus – Chase Slate® doesn’t offer potentially lucrative new cardholder bonuses or rewards, whereas other balance-transfer cards with similar 0% intro APR offers and no annual fee do, including other Chase cards (more on that below).
  • Longer 0% APR promo - While 15 months is a long promo period, we must mention that some other cards offer longer promos (read more about our picks of the best 0% intro APR credit cards). Note, these cards also don't offer a $0 balance-transfer fee.

How to best use Chase Slate®

  • Be sure to transfer high-interest balances during the first 60 days to avoid balance-transfer fees, which will later cost $250 for a $5,000 transfer with Chase Slate®.
  • Leverage free access to your FICO® Score. This is a huge value! In fact, myFICO charges upwards of $350 per year to receive, track, and monitor your comprehensive credit history.
  • While the card does include a 0% intro APR for purchases, the card doesn't earn rewards. This reduces the value of the promo APR and highlights the fact that Chase Slate® may be best viewed as a pure balance-transfer credit card used to pay off existing debts, not piling on more debt when making more purchases.

A 0% intro APR and a $150 sign-up bonus

If rewards are a must-have, Chase Slate® isn’t a good fit for obvious reasons. But thankfully, Chase fans don’t need to jump ship to other card issuers. When it comes to key features, Chase Freedom Unlimited® is practically the same credit card. It includes a $0 annual fee and the same 0% intro APR. The major difference is that Chase Freedom UnlimitedSM earns 1.5% cash back, includes a $150 bonus after spending $500 in the first three months, and charges a balance-transfer fee of 5% ($5 min.) on all transfers. Also, Chase Freedom Unlimited® doesn’t include a FICO® Score for free. Read our full Chase Freedom Unlimited® review to learn why we picked it as one of the best credit cards.

Final take

Chase Slate® pulls no punches. The credit card was designed from the ground up to help indebted borrowers pay down debt faster with interest- and fee-free balance-transfer promos. Waiving balance-transfer fees is highly valuable, which we think amps up the value of Chase Slate® for cardholders focused on paying down debt balances, not paying fees. If that sounds like you, Chase Slate® is may be one of the best options we've come across.

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