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Insurance Articles

Articles about Insurance and how to get the most from it.

Recent Articles

Dec. 4, 2023 | By Christy Bieber

Here's What Happens if You Owe More Than the Insurance Company Says Your Car Is Worth

If you owe more than your insurance company says your car is worth, financial disaster could result. Learn what could happen -- and how you can protect against loss.
Dec. 3, 2023 | By Cole Tretheway

Wanting to Buy an EV? Here's How Much More You Could Pay in Auto Insurance

You'll pay extra to insure an EV...or will you? Find out how much more it could cost to insure an electric vehicle.
Dec. 3, 2023 | By Kailey Hagen

These Are the 8 Auto Insurance Providers That Had the Best Rates in 2023

Auto insurance rates are expected to climb in 2024. But you may be able to find affordable deals with the eight cheapest auto insurance providers from this year.
Dec. 2, 2023 | By Christy Bieber

What Happens if Someone Sues You for More Than Your Car Insurance Will Pay For?

Auto accidents can lead to expensive injuries. See why drivers who don't have much insurance could be on the hook for out-of-pocket costs personally.
Dec. 1, 2023 | By Christy Bieber

Your House Was Robbed! Will Home Insurance Cover Your Stuff?

Homeowners insurance should cover property that is stolen, as long as the homeowner had personal property coverage. Learn more here.
Dec. 1, 2023 | By Kailey Hagen

3 Signs You Need to Shop for New Auto Insurance in 2024

A lot of factors influence your auto insurance premiums. Here are three signs you ought to shop around for a better deal next year.
Nov. 30, 2023 | By Chris Neiger

The 3 Most Underrated Benefits of Donating Your Vehicle

It's the season of giving. Here's why you may want to give away your vehicle this year.
Nov. 28, 2023 | By Kailey Hagen

5 Good Reasons to Consider Donating Your Vehicle

Donating your vehicle is a viable alternative to selling it. Learn more about the benefits of donating your vehicle.
Nov. 28, 2023 | By Ashley Maready

Maximize Your Impact: Tips for Donating Your Car the Right Way

Got an extra car hanging around you don't need anymore? Discover how to donate it to a qualified charitable organization.
Nov. 26, 2023 | By Emma Newbery

Busting Myths: The Lies You've Been Told About Donating Your Car

On the face of it, donating a car can seem like a good way to help a charity you care about. Find out why car donation isn't always so straightforward.
Nov. 23, 2023 | By Kailey Hagen

5 Little-Known Perks of Donating Your Car

Donating your car could be a great move for your wallet. Here's a closer look at some of the biggest benefits to giving your vehicle away.
Nov. 22, 2023 | By Maurie Backman

Can a Large Emergency Fund Take the Place of Pet Insurance?

Do you need pet insurance if your savings are robust? Read on to find out.
Nov. 22, 2023 | By Maurie Backman

Don't Let These Misconceptions Stop You From Buying Life Insurance

Many people need life insurance. Read on to see why having coverage is important, and why it may be easier to get than you think.
Nov. 22, 2023 | By Kailey Hagen

How to Save Hundreds on Car Insurance in 2024

Car insurance can cost thousands or even tens of thousands per year. Here are three things drivers can do to ensure they pay as little as possible.
Nov. 20, 2023 | By Kristi Waterworth

What Does It Cost to Own a Pet? It's a Lot More Than You Think

Do you know what it costs to own a pet these days? The odds are incredibly high that you are very wrong. Read on to learn more.
Nov. 19, 2023 | By Chris Neiger

Definitely Avoid These Mistakes When Donating Your Car

Donating your car may be more work than you think. Here are a few things you should know before you do.
Nov. 18, 2023 | By Cole Tretheway

I Filed My First Car Insurance Claim. Here's How It Went Down

The claims process took five months to wind down. Here's what happened step by step after filing a claim with Geico.
Nov. 18, 2023 | By Robin Hartill, CFP

Insurance Hacks: Here's How to Get the Most Out of Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is typically the only time each year that you can choose health insurance. Navigate the maze using these tips.
Nov. 15, 2023 | By Maurie Backman

Here's What Happens When You Donate Your Car to Charity

Have a vehicle you no longer need? Read on to see if donating it is right for you.
Nov. 13, 2023 | By Chris Neiger

Consumers Beware: Here Are 5 Unexpected Healthcare Costs That Can Break the Bank

Many Americans have medical debt. Take a look at some of the healthcare costs that caused it.
Nov. 11, 2023 | By Kailey Hagen

This Could Be the Best Gift You Get Your Family This Holiday Season

Nothing can replace you, but there is a way to replace your income even after you're gone. Here's what you need to know to protect your family.
Nov. 10, 2023 | By Christy Bieber

Is Buying Minimum Coverage Auto Insurance a Big Mistake?

Drivers who buy only the minimum auto insurance coverage could really come to regret their choice. Find out why.
Nov. 9, 2023 | By Maurie Backman

Almost 100% of Pet Owners Who Have Pet Insurance Don't Regret It, Data Shows

Is pet insurance a waste of your money? Read on to see why you're likely to appreciate having it.
Nov. 9, 2023 | By Ashley Maready

4 Tips to Select the Best Health Plan for Your Health -- and Wallet -- During Open Enrollment

It's time to choose a new health insurance plan for 2024. Keep reading for helpful pointers to decide which option is best for you.
Nov. 8, 2023 | By Ashley Maready

3 Tips for Navigating Open Enrollment With Less Financial Stress

It's that time of year again: picking a new health insurance plan. Keep reading for a few pointers to survive open enrollment.