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Personal Loans Articles

When you're trying to get out of debt, a personal loan may be right for you. Get more information about personal loans and whether they are a good fit for your situation.

Recent Articles

Feb. 28, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

3 Great Reasons to Consolidate Your Holiday Debt Into a Personal Loan

Carrying leftover debt from the holidays on multiple credit cards? Read on to see why a personal loan could make sense for consolidation.
Feb. 25, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

1 in 3 Homeowners With Renovation Plans Are Tapping Home Equity. Should You?

Borrowing against your home equity to finance renovations might seem like a good plan. But it could backfire. Read on to see why.
Feb. 24, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

Need a Car ASAP? 3 Ways to Save at a Time When Car Prices and Borrowing Rates Are Up

Cars and financing rates are expensive right now. But if you can't wait on a car purchase, read on for ways to save.
Feb. 17, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

Auto Loan Delinquencies Rose in 2023. Here Are Some Major Consequences of Not Making Your Car Payments

Falling behind on car payments is bad news. Read on to see why.
Feb. 14, 2024 | By Christy Bieber

4 Questions to Ask Before Cosigning for a Personal Loan

Cosigning a loan is a very big responsibility. Before you even consider moving forward with doing it, get answers for these questions.
Jan. 28, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

Should You Borrow Against Your Home in 2024?

You may be sitting on more equity now than in the past. But should you tap it? Read on to find out.
Jan. 22, 2024 | By Christy Bieber

What Is a Good Interest Rate on a Personal Loan?

A good interest rate on a personal loan is one that beats the national average. Find out how to get the lowest rate on your next loan.
Jan. 20, 2024 | By Christy Bieber

How Much Is the Monthly Payment on a $50,000 Personal Loan?

Before you take out a $50,000 loan, think about what the monthly payments will look like. Here's what you need to know.
Jan. 17, 2024 | By Christy Bieber

How Much Is the Monthly Payment on a $10,000 Personal Loan?

A personal loan can be a great way to borrow money -- if you consider the payments. See what the monthly payment would be on a $10,000 loan.
Jan. 15, 2024 | By Christy Bieber

How Taking Out a Personal Loan to Pay Off Credit Cards Could Backfire

Using a personal loan to get out of credit card debt can be a great financial choice, but not in every situation. Learn why this could be a big problem.
Jan. 12, 2024 | By Christy Bieber

These Are the Best and Worst Reasons to Take Out a Personal Loan

Taking out a personal loan can be a smart decision in some circumstances. Keep reading for the situations where you should avoid them.
Jan. 6, 2024 | By Christy Bieber

This Is One of the Biggest Benefits of Personal Loans

Personal loans have many advantages, but a major one is that you find out your total costs and payment timeline upfront. Find out why this is such a big perk.
Jan. 4, 2024 | By Christy Bieber

5 Big Differences Between a Personal Loan and a Home Equity Loan

A personal loan and a home equity loan could both provide access to quite a bit of money, but they work differently. Find out more here.
Dec. 31, 2023 | By Christy Bieber

4 Signs You Absolutely Shouldn't Get a Personal Loan

Getting a personal loan makes sense in a lot of situations, but not always. Watch out for these indications you shouldn't take out a personal loan.
Dec. 24, 2023 | By Christy Bieber

How Fast Can You Get a Personal Loan if You Need One?

Some personal loan lenders provide same-day funding. Here's how to find the right loan under a time crunch.
Dec. 23, 2023 | By Maurie Backman

Should You Borrow Extra to Meet the Borrowing Minimum for a Personal Loan?

Personal loans can be cost-effective and convenient if you need to borrow money. Here's why you might run into issues if you only need to borrow a small amount.
Dec. 22, 2023 | By Christy Bieber

How Much More Will Your Holiday Gifts Cost if You Use a Personal Loan to Pay for Them?

Using a personal loan to pay for holiday gifts may seem like a good idea, but it'll cost you. Learn what you'll really pay if you use a personal loan for gifts.
Dec. 22, 2023 | By Christy Bieber

Should You Cosign for a Personal Loan?

Cosigning for a personal loan means putting your credit on the line. Before you do that, consider these potential consequences.
Dec. 17, 2023 | By Maurie Backman

Will Auto Loans Get Cheaper in 2024?

Borrowing is expensive right now across the board, including auto loans. Will things improve in 2024? Read on to find out.
Dec. 14, 2023 | By Maurie Backman

Personal Loan Balances Just Reached $241 Billion. Should You Sign One?

Consumers are loading up on personal loans. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of this type of borrowing.
Dec. 13, 2023 | By Maurie Backman

Before You Take Out a Personal Loan to Buy Holiday Gifts, Do This

Thinking of taking on debt during the holidays? Read on to see why you may not want to go that route.
Dec. 7, 2023 | By Christy Bieber

Adding an Extra Year to Your Personal Loan Repayment Period? Here's How Much It Could Cost You

If you add an extra year to your personal loan repayment period, you'll pay a lot more interest. See how much it could cost you to delay repayment.
Dec. 3, 2023 | By Dana George

Should You Consolidate Debt in 2024?

Americans owe more than $1 trillion on credit card debt alone. If you're carrying high-interest debt, here's how you can get out from under it.
Dec. 3, 2023 | By Maurie Backman

Personal Loans Are Unsecured. Will There Be Any Consequences if You Become Delinquent?

Falling behind on a personal loan is bad news. Read on to learn more.
Dec. 2, 2023 | By Christy Bieber

Are You Allowed to Take Out Multiple Personal Loans at the Same Time?

Taking out multiple personal loans is allowed as long as you can qualify for them. Read on to learn how to make sure you aren't getting in over your head.