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Mortgage Articles

Buying a home is probably your life's most costly undertaking. Learn how to find the best lenders and get the best interest rates and you can save tens of thousands of dollars.

Recent Articles

July 10, 2024 | By Ashley Maready

This Was the Smartest Move I Made Before Buying a Home

Buying a house comes with lots of steps. Here's one this new homeowner absolutely doesn't regret.
June 27, 2024 | By Kristi Waterworth

Ready to Leave the City? USDA RD Loans are Affordable Options for Home Buyers

If you're not sure you can scrape together a down payment, moving to a small town might be a solution. Check out USDA loans and what they offer.
June 18, 2024 | By Natasha Etzel

I Took 3 Years Off My Mortgage With This Simple Move

Making mortgage payments for 30 years can be stressful, but you may be able to pay your mortgage off sooner. Find out how one writer is doing exactly that.
June 16, 2024 | By Kristi Waterworth

Behind on Mortgage Payments? Former Realtor on What You Should Do

Are you behind on your mortgage payments and can't figure out how to get out? Read this article for the solutions you've been looking for.
June 12, 2024 | By Ashley Maready

44% of Buyers Think a Home Is a Better Investment Than Stocks. Are They Right?

Buying a home can increase your net worth -- with a lot of caveats involved. Keep reading to learn why stock investments are a better bet to grow wealth.
June 4, 2024 | By Jordi Lippe-McGraw

5 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

Maximize your home sale with expert tips for a quick transaction. Learn how to get your home off the market now.
June 3, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

Bought a Starter Home? 3 Reasons You Might Want to Keep It

Many people buy starter homes with plans to upsize. But read on to see why staying in your starter home could be a smart move.
June 2, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

I'm About to Retire and Have Never Owned a Home. Should I Buy or Continue Renting?

It's never too late to become a homeowner. But see how becoming a homeowner for the first time in retirement may throw your finances for a loop.
June 2, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

Housing Inventory Is Low. Should You Buy Land and Build a Home Instead?

If you can't find a home that meets your needs or budget, you may be eager to buy land and have one built. Read on to see why this might be a good idea.
June 2, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

This So-Called Perk of a VA Loan Could Actually Be a Major Drawback

A VA loan could make it easier to become a homeowner. But read on to see why you need to be careful with these specific loans.
June 1, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

3 Things About Foreclosure You Should Know

Worried about foreclosure? Read on to learn what the process entails.
June 1, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

This Could Be the Biggest Reason Not to Sell Your Home Today

Looking to sell your home in a market that's favorable for sellers? Read on to see why that might backfire on you.
June 1, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

Here's Why You May Not Want a 15-Year Mortgage -- Even if You Can Afford One

A 15-year mortgage could save you a lot of money on interest. But read on to see why your money may be better used elsewhere.
May 31, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

You Won't Believe How High the Median U.S. Home Sale Price Is

Home prices keep climbing. Read on to see what the median home is selling for today.
May 30, 2024 | By Kristi Waterworth

The Zero Down Mortgage Is Back -- But Is It a Financial Mistake?

Should you consider a zero down mortgage for your home's purchase? Find out here.
May 30, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

3 Ways to Make Sure You're Not Overspending on Your Retirement Home

Buying a new home for retirement? Read on to make sure you're not getting in over your head.
May 30, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

The One Rule You Must Follow if You're Signing an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Today

Looking at signing an adjustable-rate mortgage? Read on to make sure you're not setting yourself up for financially disastrous results.
May 29, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

My Friends Waited Until Their 40s to Buy a Home. Here's Why They Don't Regret It

Waiting to buy a home can pay off for numerous reasons. Read on to see why you may want to sit tight on a home purchase.
May 29, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

Hoping to Buy a Foreclosure? Here's Why That Will Be Difficult in 2024

You might spend less on a home purchase if you buy a foreclosure. Read on to see why that may not be so feasible in today's market.
May 29, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

3 Mistakes Mortgage Applicants Make -- and How to Avoid Them

Need to borrow for a home? Read on to see which mistakes you should make every effort to avoid.
May 29, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

Buying New Construction? Here's One Move You Absolutely Must Do First

New construction has its benefits. But check this must-do off your list before signing a contract for a home build.
May 27, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

I Just Told My Friend Not to Make Extra Payments on Her Mortgage. Here's Why

You'll often hear that it's smart to pay off a mortgage ahead of schedule, but this advice doesn't always apply. Find out when it's best not to pay extra.
May 26, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

Most Renters Think the American Dream of Owning a Home Is Dead. Are They Right?

Owning a home has become exceedingly difficult. Should you give up on it? And is that even such a bad thing? Read on to find out.
May 25, 2024 | By Ashley Maready

Don't Make This Big Home-Buying Mistake

Putting yourself into a huge financial trap is a major mistake. Learn why you should carefully consider your budget when buying a home.
May 25, 2024 | By Maurie Backman

Mortgage Rates Could Fall in 2024. Here's Why That Could Make It Even Harder to Buy a Home

Many would-be home buyers today are being thwarted by high mortgage rates. But read on to see why falling rates may not make it any easier to purchase a home.