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  • And advanced options strategies that enable you to generate a whole lot of extra income on stocks you already own. Like the "85%" strategy that lets you lock in profits more quickly and also helps to reduce risk.

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What others are saying:

"Will help me generate income in up or down markets for the rest of my investing life..."
"Motley Fool Options is a very useful service, not only because of the quality of the trade recommendations, but because of the invaluable knowledge that the service imparts to its members... I've learned options strategies that will help me generate income in up or down markets for the rest of my investing life."
B. Kramer, Seattle, WA

"Add to my education and wealth building..."
"I've been able to add options to my toolbox. I have seen the potential options can add to your portfolio and know this service will add to my education and wealth building."
D. Heredia, Keller, TX

"The most empowering and liberating experience of my life..."
"This has been the most empowering and liberating experience of my life. I look forward to continuing to learn more and more about making smart choices on how to grow and protect my money. For all you do: Thank you!"
V. Ward, New York, NY

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