Toymaker Mattel (NASDAQ:MAT) is plugging into the electric vehicle craze, unveiling miniaturized, radio-controlled versions of the so-called Cybertruck introduced by electric car company Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) in November.

Photograph of Tesla Cybertruck, side view

Image source: Tesla Inc.

Sold under the Hot Wheels brand, the larger version of the toy Tesla Cybertruck is a hobby-grade, 1:10 scale model with surprisingly impressive detail. Its headlights and taillights function just like its full-sized counterpart, and like Tesla's truck, the small version is an all-wheel drive vehicle. And, also like the real thing, the larger toy offers "Chill" and "Sport" modes. Perhaps most noteworthy is the reusable sticker that recreates the shattered window that marred an otherwise ideal presentation in November, when the Cybertruck's side windows were proven not to be quite as durable as the vehicle's engineers expected. Those details pushed the retail price of the toy up $400.

The smaller version is a 1:64 scale model that's a more manageable three inches long, and with a more manageable price tag of only $20. It's not as detailed as the bigger version, but it's more accessible to kids of all ages.

The remote control toys were both demonstrated at this year's Toy Fair in New York on Friday, although simultaneously made available for pre-order at Mattel's website. As of the most recent check, the limited edition 1:10 version is sold out, although the smaller RC Cybertruck was still available. Either way, like Tesla's actual electric pickup truck, neither toy is expected to ship until December of this year -- just in time for Christmas.

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